Sunday, September 5, 2010

OPI Black Onyx topped with Nubar Holographic

I hope everyone is having a fantastic long weekend! Hard to believe summer is winding down.

Mani today is OPI Black Onyx topped with Nubar Holographic glitter. This was only one coat of glitter goodness and it had a lot of coverage.

(Please feel free to click on picture for better image!)

Stamped using my new Essence stampy plates; this is my standby silver stamping polish -Nicole by OPI Positive Energy. This polish gives great results for silver-I've never been disappointed and it stamps a nice, clean, crisp image.

Still working on my application and cleanup skills .... :( maybe some day I'll get there!

Here's a pix in the shade-my camera has a hard time getting a good pix of the stamping in the sun.

This pix was taken right after I finished my mani in artificial light-just thought I would show it as there are some glitters that have no sparkle at all unless out in the sun -- this is not one of them.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Cool image plates! I'm planning an Ulta trip later this week, I'll have to see if I can find them.

    I tagged your blog with an award:


  2. So cool. Where do you find those image plates?
    Thanks again for the gifts. :)
    You have over 800 polishes???????????? OH MY! I have about half that. :)
    How many plates do you have?

  3. This is soo awesome! I have those stamping plates from Essence, too :)

  4. Susie: I wish I only had 800 polishes--they keep multiplying by themselves somehow.... and now I'm afraid to count them....

    How many image plates do I have-I'm too embarrassed to say! I have a lot, way too many probably! Let's just say that the only image plates I don't have (of allllll the ones I know that exist) are the ones on my wishlist :) My blog should be called "I have an image plate hoarding disorder"....hahahaha...maybe some day I'll post pix of my plate stash.....

    I got these Essence plates from a kind MUA swapper! There are still a few more Essence plates out there that I don't have yet, hence, they are still on my w/l.....

    This is why I started my blog-to keep track of the various manicures I've done with all my polishes and image plates.....

    Now if only I could improve my cuticles and improve my stamping skills....

    I want to thank everyone who follows and reads my little blog.....and thanks too to all those out there who have their own great blogs-there are so many great bloggers out there with so much talent-I'm always amazed by what I see and how creative so many people are!

    And lastly melacine-I've got your message and drafted the tag; I just need to tag the bloggers and post it! Thanks so much for following my little blog too-susie was my first follower too!

  5. im loving your blog. Im from canada aswell and i dont want to say were limited to our polish selection, but sometimes it feels that way! you and a few of the other nail bloggers on here inspired me start up my own nail blog. I would love it if you followed it!!

    Tina :D

  6. ı like it

    ı am your blog new follower

    my blog

  7. LOL, well you need a CONFESSION post and show us your stash of polish AND of plates. LOL.
    I have the round essence plate that comes in the kit. Do you have that one?
    There are SO many brand of polish that I don't have but I do have a pretty good stash.
    Have a nice day kiddo,

  8. Susie: I will probably do a posting on it sometime. I need time to get it all organized! Sometimes its all I can do to put out a new post now and then!

    I probably shouldn't mention that I have more plates on order...the hb' add to my 'image plate hoarding disorder'....hahaha!

    I don't have the plates that came with the round stamper as mine were received as a RAOK from a fellow swapper. But was thrilled beyond belief when I received the four plates! And no Ulta here in Canada-I think thats were they can be purchased in US.

    I hear you about all the different brands out there-especially when so many are not available in Canada-not even Sinful, Hard Candy, Icing, at least in my area anyway! And I know it is sometimes hard to justify having all these polishes, especially when new lines come out and you think-do I really need it or do I have a dupe? Thank goodness my hubby doesn't seem to mind....its kinda hard to hide that number of polishes! lol!

  9. Ya, there is no hurry. :)
    That is great that your husband doesn't seem to mind your collections. :)
    Too bad you didn't live near the border and come over.
    We plan to travel in Canada some next summer so maybe I'll leave space in the Harley bag for some goodies you have over there.
    Have fun,


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