Saturday, June 25, 2011

Giveaway Results!!! Plus the Reason why Konad was Created...

Saturday morning, I had a few minutes to put together everything for my recent 300+ follower giveaway. Before I announce the winners, a huge "thank you" again for everyone who has ever checked out my little blog! A little over a year ago, I started this blog to just keep track of the stamping I've done. I was pleasantly surprised when I got my very first follower, Susie1955, and it has grown by follower by follower. I never would have thought over 500 people would be interested to see whats on my thank you so much!!!

Now onto the results! In total, there were 304 entries. The first name drawn was Zsofc who will receive OPI Serena Glam Slam in Spark de Triomphe and White Shatter, with the four OPI polishes What's Dune?, Merry Midnight, Coral Reef and Glacier Bay Blues.*

The second name drawn drawn was Elizabeth at Life & Polish, who will receive the second shatter set, OPI Serena Glam Slam in Rally Pretty Pink and Red Shatter and the same four OPI polishes.

And lastly, ct1980 over at I Colour Outside the Line (who I'm guessing is a fellow Canuck by the way 'colour' is spelled!! What's the chances of THAT!!), who will receive prize 3 being the four OPI polishes.

Congrats everyone!!! Emails have already been sent out and they have 48 hours to reply or another name will be drawn for the appropriate prize.

I'm really bummed that Canada Post is on strike (as far as I know, unless its resolved now) so unfortunately, there will be a delay in getting these out to as there's no mail service in Canada right now, so I'm sorry about this but its beyond my control! But they will be mailed out as soon as I can!

I recently was at the mall and peeked into Forever 21 to see whats new and picked up a few polishes. This Love & Beauty polish was marked Light Gray and as I was really liking the gold shimmer, thought I'd use it for my next mani.

Whoa...nail fail! I was not liking this at all..frosty...streaky...blah!! All I could think of was, this is why Konad was developed! To cover up polish fails! LOL! I wanted to use a stamp that covered up A LOT of the polish....decided upon fauxnad A44 using Konad black special polish. For some reason, I was strangely fascinated by how it looked before cleanup so decided to take a pix....

And after cleanup...urggh...while I really like the results of using black special polish, the cleanup is terrible and this was the best I could get despite taking (that I felt was a) long time to clean up.

And then, decided to add a couple swatches of multicolour glitter. This pix isn't the best, but the end result was pretty cool...a good way to cover up the polish nail fail if nothing else. I really wasn't feeling this many at all, so this mani only stayed on for around 24 hours. That's the great thing about nail fail...just an excuse to change your mani the next day!

Here's my highly sophisticated method of choosing the winners....

Congrats to everyone and thanks for looking!

Update: August 30, 2011: The last giveaway winner just emailed saying that she has received the package; all three packages confirmed delivered!

*OOPS! I noted wrong polish in the post but it is Glacier Bay Blues as outlined in the giveaway details!


  1. wow gorgeous coverup for a nailfail!

  2. Yay! How exciting:) Thanks I look forward to this mail strike ending even more now!!

  3. congrats to the winner!!! i love your mani! they look like spider web before the clean up.

  4. Oh my God thank you!
    I can't believe I've won!
    I'm really excited:D
    Love your blog!^^

  5. Congrats guys! and stunning mani sweetie! .. i keep meaning to look at the forever 21 polishes, a store opened in Birmingham and for some reason... I haven't checked the polishes out yet / bonk!

    Hope your ok


  6. I am a bit obsessed with OPI What's Dune. If any of the winners are interested I will trade my OPI Blue Moon Lagoon for it. peripatetic33 at hot mail dot com

  7. Thanks for sharing the pre-cleanup pic--I love to get "behind the scenes" peeks. :)

  8. Love the pre clean up pic! Haha! & congrats winners!


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