Saturday, June 4, 2011

Had a Little Swatch Fest...

A while back, I had ordered Shirley's plates, A and B series. There were a few of the images that didn't stamp well and after a lot of swatching, I discovered that Essence Stampy polish or Wet n Wild black work best as they aren't as thick as Konad special polish. All in all, I believe there were around 11 images that I couldn't get to stamp. I was still pretty happy that most of them worked as there are a lot of really cool and unique designs.

I had read she got a new manufacturer for her plates so placed an order recently for the newly released C and D plates, that arrived today. I spent a bit of time swatching some of them with Konad special polish. I can say that of the ones that I swatched tonight, there was only one that was iffy (spiderweb; it did transfer but you have to be super quick to stamp or nothing transfers as the etching is very faint. These pix that you see are some of the swatching pix I did...feel free to click on them to enlarge them to see them a little better! Please note that these are quick and dirty swatches as I didn't plan on posting them... when I was doing them, it didn't matter to me if I got polish on whole plate or removed excess polish so some are not the best. I'd take more care if I was stamping on my fingers! And the plastic is easy to peel off... if you ordered A or B plates, you'll know what I'm talking about!!

Pretty cool, eh? I know a few of you are anxious to see how these C and D plates stamp, so I quickly swatched a few images over my current mani, Nicole by OPI Coral Denominator, which is part of the newly released Justin Bieber polishes. These are suppose to be Canadian exclusive...and they are pretty reclusive in my area as I've only found one store that carries them. Unfortunately, this isn't the best polish to show the designs but by default, just what I happen to have on at the time.

Here's Coral Denominator by itself. In certain lights, it looks pink and others, more on the coppery/coral/apricot side. This is two coats and still could see visible nail line. Next time, I'll do three coats or put a neutral colour as base coat.

I'll probably use a few more of these plates for my next few manis as I know there is some interest from fellow stamping addicts to see how they work! But so far, no complaints from me! I swatched several images from each image plate and only the spiderweb was iffy! Shirley's e-tailer site is here.***

***Please note that I paid the invoiced amount in full for my plates. I do not endorse nor promote this website/etailer other than I am passing on the info of where I got them to those who may wish to know. I have no affiliation with any company and received no compensation for promotion of these products, nor am I promoting them...just letting fellow bloggers where they may be obtained should they be interested!


  1. These image plates look great! I have only ever ordered konad (slash mash) plates and BM plates but I'm definitely always interesting in more stamping plates!

  2. I ordered a couple of the A and B plates from Shirley and love them. I didn't even notice the C and D plates. Can you tell me which plates the "Happy Birthday" are on?

  3. Wow!!! Gorgeous!!!
    I love Tweety and those dangling hearts!
    And that Polish stamp!!!

    Thank you for the link!!
    I've purchased through a German site before, so any new sites are greatly appreciated!!!

  4. Ooohh, and I love the full nail image of the linked hearts, which plate is that on?

  5. thanks for this sweetie!

    i love the swatches and i love the mani!..Ive ordered the remaining A-B pay day ill have to debate whether to buy collection C, D OR Plates A41- 60 grr lol..or maybe i will get all 3 =)))

    /Hugs xx

  6. could you tell me how much the shipping was? I am planning to order a few. also which plate was winnie the pooh on?? thanks

  7. So nice to see your quick and dirty stamping swatches--what a great idea to try them out that way!

  8. Beauty2244: The IP that has the linked hearts is SdP A20; as far as I know, it was never for sale as she wasn't happy with the quality but I had saved it when Shirley had a preview of her images. I had asked her to consider those designs and the ones with the Happy Birthday images for future plates and she was good enough to find these plates for me. She may have more; you'd have to ask. Same with the IP that has the Happy Birthday was SdP B20.

    ABBY: The plate with Winnie the Pooh is SdP D03. I ordered all plates from the C and D series and shipping was around 16.95 euros for registered mail.

    SarahLouise: I ordered Chez D plates, Shirley's C and D plates and A41-60 from Magnonails and they all arrived last week...let me tell you, it was like Christmas came early!! I know you already have D plates, but I'm liking C and D over the A plates. The A plate quality is a bit better; similar to Konad but the designs in Shirley's plates are so more unique; more images for themed mani's, etc.

    My current mani is again with Shirley's plates and I hope to post later today. Stamped great...the etching is a little rough so cotton gets stuck in it when you are wiping it (not as bad as A and B series plates but nothing I can't work around) but the image stamped great, the image was clear, etc etc.

  9. Wow, thank you so much for such an informative post, I see so many cute images! I think I will have to check these out!


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