Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Canada Day!!!

I know everyone who may see this may not be from Canada, but I'm a very proud Canadian and involved in lots of festivities and celebrations so HAD to do Canada Day mani!!

Here's what I came up with:

Base coats is two coats of OPI Alpine Snow, stamped using Konad red special polish and fauxnad image plate m56. I know the base isn't special but thought I'd share if you are looking for a good white base coat. Two coats of Alpine Snow had great coverage for a crisp, white base...too bad the pix aren't that great :(

This mani actually took me a FOREVER to do as I had to carefully try to paint and scrape the leaf image from middle of the full flag image so just it was visible...lots of polish and attempts just to get a few good images.

I wish the pix were better but I just don't have good lighting when I'm away on the weekend. (The first one, I took this morning!)

I also thought I'd share this....when Konad had a clear stamper available (I think that's what its called; clear or white) as soon as I found out, I ordered a couple as, when I'm stamping using pink or red polishes, I have a hard time seeing the image well for placement purposes (well, sometimes it doesn't even matter if I see it or not as my placement still gets!!) but at least it helps. These pix will show you what I'm talking about....

Thanks for your patience in my lack of posts this week....I had two followers drop off which pains me greatly as I don't know why and wonder is it something I did; or didn't do.....or did I offend someone somehow...don't know if it was lack of posts or the fact the giveaway over.....I'll never know...anyway, work was extremely busy, especially with it being a short work week, plus it was the end of school and I had two kids graduation ceremonies to attend, plus getting ready to head to cottage country for the long weekend etc etc. My DD did very well....not only did she graduate with honours, she also was the recipient of the overall student award for good academics, volunteer work, husband called it the "Spunky Award"! LOL! And last but not least, my oldest son, who is heavily into rep sports, is spending a *bonding* weekend with his teammates at a 100 acre camp this weekend, so on top of everything I had to do, had to get him ready for this! I honestly couldn't wait for this long weekend to arrive fast enough to get some relaxing time....and still will be busy with stuff I'm involved in with Canada Day celebrations over the weekend!

My last mani, the bright green one, I wore from last Saturday until I took it off last night. Here's what it looked like last night just before I took it off:

Pretty good wear for six days if I do so say myself! Other than minor tip wear, no chipping or fading at all! China Glaze (and OPI) wear well for me....Chanel, which is 6x the cost, and Zoya, not so well. I still wear them as Chanel and Zoya have so many great colours and finishes and I usually only wear polish for a day or two anyway, but glad that this mani stood up so well as I just had no time to change it!

Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians! And if you're not Canadian and you still checked out the post, thx for your understanding in my patriotic mani!

Thanks for looking!


  1. This is so pretty and the stamping is perfect!

  2. I love this stamp! Wish I had of ordered it !!
    Great mani! :)

  3. haha very nice :D

  4. Happy Canada Day! :) Oh that clear stamper looks tempting!

    That is EXCELLENT wear for 6 days! I still really dig that green manicure. :)

  5. Very nice! Being from the US, this is the first Canada mani I've seen, and it looks great.

  6. Haha! I love your canadian mani!

  7. i love this mani!!!! yay canada!! I'm jsut rocking red nails =( no time this year for something crazy.

    so much effort for the leaves..but it looks awesome. I sometimes try to scrape stuff off..but them im too slow and the image does stamp anymore etc etc...i totally appreciate ur effort...awesome awesome nails

  8. soo pretty and simple! love it! :) by the way im your new follower i love and i love your blog! :) you can visit mine too


  9. Dont be disheartened hunny, every time I finish a give-away - I lose 2-3 new followers =) Your blog is awesome - so don't think otherwise =)

    I love the mani! - I really need a clear stamp - I keep meaning to buy myself one and forget lol /Bonk!


    p.s The pooh plate isn't yet in stock - shes advised me another week / to 2 weeks before she gets the order - ill keep you updated though

  10. What a pretty designs you make! Love the Canada design.

  11. Such great stamping! Don't worry about the followers; given all the issues with blogger lately, I don't think we can be sure anyone actually unfollowed you. I've had a couple incidents where blogger has told me I'm not following anyone at all, then I'll come back in and there's my list.

  12. I was wondering about the clear stamper, I wasn't quite sure what they were going for, but now I do:) Thanks for sharing this with us!

  13. I am also a proud Canadian girl and I MUST have this plate!!

  14. I would like this plate where can I order one

  15. antheacabral....myonline shop had this plate for sale. HTH!


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