Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Weekend Manicures

I've been thinking about expanding my nail polish horizons and recently picked up a few glitters as I want to try out some layering *experiments*. I thought I'd do a layering mani over the weekend with Orly Frisky that I had picked up at Sally's Friday night.

This is two coats of Frisky topped with one coat of Anna Sui #107. Feel free to click on the pix to see the glitter/laying better, but beware of terrible cleanup and dry cuticles!!! Just look at the polish lol!

I found Frisky on the thick side but had no polish thinner on hand so had to grin and bear it. I suppose I could have used another polish, but I really wanted to try out this layering combination.

On top of the polish being on the thick side, my DD chose this same time to ask me 1000 questions (started to get on my nerves to be honest!) and my application skills went out the door. I terribly flooded my cuticles like no tomorrow. (Not reallllyyyy her fault, I know, but that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!).

This mani is so much cooler than the pix (and my terrible application!) appear.....I'll certainly have to try it again when I have more patience and some thinner on hand as I really liked the combination of these two polishes.

The problem with layering with glitters (for me) is always keeping in mind what stamp to use so that the glitter can be seen, so I eventually settled on SdP-A15 and kinda french tipped the band of flowers.

Stamping polish is Konad black special polish.

We had a dog named Frisky when I was a kid, and even if I didn't need another blue polish, I had to pick it just for the name!

I had no Internet access on the weekend and am behind posting, so I thought I'd also share another mani I did over the weekend too. Base coat is Orly Frolic, two coats. Again, polish was on the thick side and obviously I wasn't thinking when I started to apply it because I should have remembered that Frisky was thick and I had no thinner, but I never (*sigh*), and on my nails it went.

Stamped using Konad black special polish, using fauxnad IP SdP-D11.

Then added a couple random dots using some random silver glitter.

Thanks for looking!


  1. That combination looks beautiful!

  2. I like the glitters for your 1st mani and the 2nd..omg, I love everything about this 2nd mani!

  3. I just love that turquoise colour. The flower design is so pretty on them!!

  4. I love them both! Frisky is a beautiful color. :)

  5. ooo i like the purple stamp mani
    it's really creative :D

  6. Hi girls !!

    I made a new blog where you can find a review about SDP BIG PLATE (big plate from Shirley)
    I hope you will be my followers ;)


  7. Love it the blue is such a nice color :)

    I tagged you: http://dutch-diana.blogspot.com/2011/07/tag-whats-in-your-pursebag.html

  8. both of these are sooo pretty :D

    shel xx

  9. Those daisies on the first one made me think of graffiti! Neat!

  10. Great layering! That Anna Sui is super pretty.


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