Monday, July 18, 2011

More Layering Using OPI I Lily Love You

I've been experimenting with layering a little bit; this is my latest attempt using FingerPaints Amethyst Atelier and OPI I Lily Love You. Used WetnWild Metallica for silver stamping with SdP Big C plate and then some random coloured dots.

Before I started this mani, I thought I would try a little experiment to see if it would matter what order I layer/stamp in. So here's progression both ways on my left and right hand as well as end result.

Here's the base; two coats of FingerPaints Amethyst Atelier (won't show right hand as you'll see enough hangnails with the other pix! lol!!) I don't know if there are any bubbles evident, etc. but I applied this in a room with a/c on full blast as it was too hot to turn it off nor could I stand the heat outside, so if you see any bubbles, you know why!

Then added one coat of OPI I Lily Love you.

Then stamped using WetnWild Metallica.

Lastly, few random coloured dots; here's end result.

On my right hand started with same two coats of FingerPaints (no pix; enough said earlier). Then stamped using WetnWild Metallica.

Then added a few random dots.

And lastly, one coat of OPI I Lily Love You.

When comparing the nails, the only visible different is that the white dot on the right hand has a very slight pink tinge from the base of I Lily Love You; otherwise, it didn't seem to matter what order base, stamping, layering, dots, was done. Just thought I would try it out anyway to see if it mattered but in this case anyway, not too much. (All these pix were taken outside either in direct sunlight or shade).

My layering experimentation is very limited but I know for sure that I will be running out to get a back up of I Lily Love You as it is just awesomeness in a bottle - the rainbows from the flakies are super cool-to me anyway!

Thanks for looking!


  1. this is stunning i love it!

    shel xx

  2. I Lily Love You is SO great. Plus, I love the dots you put on the stamps! Awesome!

  3. this looks extremely awesome... your designs are always ooo frkn cute!

  4. my god! this is STUNNING LOVELY!
    loving this lily i love you,,

  5. I love this so much! Everything about this mani is perfect, the color, the stamp, the dots, the layering. Everything! :)

  6. That looks sooo amazing! Yes, the extra "o"s are necessary! :D

  7. Wow FingerPaints Amethyst Atelier is a gorgeous indigo! Looks beautiful layered with I Lily Love You too :)

  8. I want to try this over everything! I'm excited to layer it over Play the Peonies.

  9. Love it! And the colores dots really finish it perfectly!

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