Saturday, July 16, 2011

This Mani Has Gone to the Dogs!

How weird is it my new Big plates from Shirley finally arrived (stupid Canada Post mail strike!) and the first image I wanted to try out was the paw print plate! As soon as I seen it, I knew that my next mani would be themed around it and here's what I came up with.

Base coats are Misa Blush Hour with China Glaze Liquid Leather as accent.

Stamped using Konad black and white special polishes.

Images plates used were T28 (for dog faces) HB48 (for dog bones), HB014 (for two dog paws on pinky), SdP D-08 (for dog paw trail on thumb) and Big SdP D (for full nail of paws).

Thanks for looking!


  1. i forgot how well konad special white polish works over dark colors! this is really adorable though, reminds me of french poodles or something LOL

  2. this is so cute. there has been a story here this week about a dalmation who had 16 puppies so this reminds me of that :)

    shel xx

  3. very cute. I love it. Come and visit my site.

  4. This is one of the cutest manis I've seen in awhile. You did a GREAT job matching stamps and combining them!

  5. and @ Irishenchantment, yeah i read that story - it cuted me out!

    here was the story - - so cute!

  6. This is super cute! So glad you got your new plates!

  7. That mani is so cute. Unfortunately it has triggered Blue's Clues flashbacks. lol

  8. SO CUTE !!

    You can find a review about SDP BIG PLATE (big plate from Shirley)
    I hope that you will take a look to my blog ;)
    Many kisses

  9. oh that's SOOOOO cute! :)
    love the colours you chose
    the dog is adorable!

  10. That is so adorable. I love the added dots!!

  11. This is soo cute! I wonder if a kitty mani is possible with Konad.. You're tempting me to take off my current mani and try out a kitty version!!

  12. Aww!! These doggies are super cuuuteXD


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