Thursday, July 14, 2011

OPI DS Amethyst

We've had some beautiful sunny days recently, which got me to thinking, why haven't I wore any holos lately? I took maybe 100 pictures or more of this mani and had such a hard time paring it down to a few as there were so many cool ones to show, so warning of picture overload!

After two coats of OPI DS Amethyst, I coated with one coat of the OPI DS topcoat. After letting dry for a bit, as its not really quick dry like SV, stamped using IP H27 with Konad special polish in royal purple. After taking a bunch of pix, I topped it with another coat of the DS topcoat.

These pix were taken in sunlight the following morning.

More pictures in artificial light; including a pre-clean up one. This special polish cleans up so much nicer than the black special polish. It really was a breeze!

Of all the pix I took, this one below is the most in real life. The DS is kinda dusty purple and the stamping is dark purple siding on navy, not bright blue as some of the pix portray. But the pix with the holo are so much cooler!

A couple pix of DS Amethyst by itself in various lighting. I'm so glad that these pix show better cleanup and application than my mani from a few days ago with Orly Frisky as it looks like a child applied it! LOL! Redemption! Still not perfect, but an improvement for sure!

Thanks for looking....and I hope you're having a sunny day too!


  1. omg.. what a wonderful mani
    definitely suiting this dry canadian summer
    great mani :D love the holo!

  2. Awesome! Love that stamp over the holo!

  3. The holo polish is gorgeous, I want it too :D

  4. So pretty! We had rain here early this morning but fortunately I've got accent nails in a scattered holo glitter that pops indoors, too, so I'm good. :)

  5. gorgeous colour and gorgeous mani!

    shel xx

  6. This is such a pretty colour. I don't think I have seen this DS polish too often on blogs! I love it. I need it now, since it's my birthstone!

  7. i love it! gorgeous colour - gorgeous stamping! xxxx



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