Monday, October 3, 2011

More Fall Nails

This is what my corner of the world looks like now....the leaves are in full colour almost everywhere you go!

I enjoy this time of year....nothing I like better than going for a long drive with the roof down looking at the awesome colour display Mother Nature gives us this time of year. Unfortunately, the weather was terrible over the weekend...when it was sunny, it was really windy and when there was no wind, it was overcast and raining...but hopefully the leaves will stay around a couple more weeks to see the beautiful fall display.

Base colours used starting from thumb and going left to right are: Optic Lusion Pango Charms, Optic Lusion Skipper Dazzler, Sally Hansen Bronze Ruby, Dare2Wear Red Chic 2 Volcanic Lava, and Nubar Arencia.

Unfortunately, unless you've been collecting polishes for a while, I'm surmising these are pretty hard to find (with the exception of the Nubar), unless you stumble across them at a dusty like I did, or swap for them.

Stamped with CND Gold Chrome using fauxnad IP's HB 21, and SdP 14.

While this looked nice enough, I thought it was lacking something, so added a coat of CND Gold Sparkling topcoat which gave the mani just a hint of holo glitter. It's very faint in the pix and maybe next time, I'll use a second coat.

I know from reading some blogs out there that I'm not the only one who enjoys this time of year. Its a toss up to me between fall and spring which season I like best...I love the fall colours but always look at spring as a time for new beginnings....and summer means swimming, boating and other activities I love to do (just not a fan of the excessive heat some days)and winter...well, I really love the scenery after a snowfall (just don't like to drive in it!). I guess I like each season a little for different reasons but I do think fall is probably the best all around for me! Or maybe spring...or....

How do you like fall?


  1. Those stamps are awesome and go so well with the different fall colours you've chosen!

  2. Looks just like a pile of leaves! Love this!!

  3. Very nice! The green is a nice accent for the warm tones (just like in the trees right now).

  4. These make me miss the sound of crunching leaves, absolutely beautiful :D

  5. I love this and I think I need to order CND Gold Chrome to stamp with now! It looks really good :)

  6. I love Fall, it's my favorite season, Spring is second. Like you, I don't care for extreme heat either. :)
    PS: That CND Gold Chrome is gorgeous! I think I need that Nubar too.

  7. I love, love, love fall. Spring is great in some ways, but it's always really wet where I like, whereas fall is crispy, dry, and beautiful.

    I love this manicure; you always do a great job of using several colors, but tying them all together. I clearly need to get some more leaf shaped stamps.

  8. so so so pretty! love the choice of colours



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