Friday, October 28, 2011

Unusual Halloween Mani

I had been wanting to do a mani using a spider web as a french tip; this is what I came up with a couple nights ago.

Hmmmm....still kinda on the fence about this one to be honest! Here's mani in progress. Started with three coats of OPI Pink-ing of You.

Then stamped tips with Konad black special polish using IP H25.

Of course, my french tip stamping skills alluded me once again, so right from the get-go the mani was a fail to me....I tell ya, I'm pretty much at the point that I'm going to throw out every french tip plate I own if I can't conquer this! I *think* my problem is that I try too hard to line it up and think too much about positioning's my right hand (stamped with my left hand....while not 100% still wayyyy better than the other...why? ) For the life of me, I can't grasp this! My middle finger is the very tip only of the image...I had stamped the web on one finger and there was still some web left on the stamper so I put it on this finger.

At this point, way too much time spent on the mani and far too late at night to start again, so went ahead and added spiders from T29.

Not feeling this at all. Nothing makes sense to me about this mani at this point. So I did what I thought best to possibly save the mani ....added holo glitter polish...the cure to end all mani curses! A coat of Cover Girl Goddess still sitting at my mani station....and even this was a fail as I applied too thick of a coat....just having one of those days, I guess :(

While the end result was OK, I still wasn't terribly excited about this. I even thought about not posting but then I thought manis all can't be good ones; the blog is about keeping track of my manis, fails or not, and perhaps someone may get some inspiration for some mani similar to this that may be a win! I think in theory, the mani has possibilities, its just the execution failed! lol! Oh well, like I say, just another reason to change my mani...which I already did as this was what I did on Tuesday night.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Wow!! Looks so pretty!!
    I love it!
    Congratulations, super creative and original!

    Kisses from Pt*

  2. It's great! I think my roommate would wear one like this, she loves pink and it just looks different.

  3. I don't think its a fail & for this mani I think its fine to have mis-matched french tips :-P Love the pink twist to it!! very cute

  4. I love this mani!!
    You're too harsh with yourself!!

  5. not sure pink and spiders go together! I usually don't even use the french tip stamps-I'm more of a full nail stamper-but you were probably over thinking it-that's why your other hand looked better!!

  6. This really is unusual halloween mani :), but I like it!

  7. You did a good job with this one, very good idea!

  8. Great job! Posts like this make me think I need to switch to Konad plates. I mean, I know it has to do with polish too. But my Bundle Monster plates don't transfer nearly as well as other people's Konad plates.

  9. Interesting pink & spiders ;) I like it!!! the colour is wonderful!!!

  10. Who would have thought pink + SPIDERS (EVEN THOUGH I HATEB THEM!!) would be such an awesome manicure.

    Ps i don't think your French tip stamping is a fail =)))



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