Sunday, October 30, 2011

Playing Around with GITD Polish

Another Halloween mani, this time with Glow in the Dark Polish.

Here's mani in progress. Started with two coats of OPI Bride's Bouquet.

Added two coats of Sally Hansen New Lengths Glow in the Dark.

In the dark.

Stamped using Konad black special polish. This is my left hand.

This is my right.

And how they look with the lights out.

Added a couple more accent stamps; this was the finished mani.

Image plates used were T23 (small pumpkin, spider web with dangling spiders), S8 (pumpkin, spider web, tombstone and ghosts), T29 (witch, cat and Happy Halloween), and BM 224 (haunted house).

My youngest son got a kick out of these glowing fingers...and of course, my DD has asked for a mani along these lines a Halloween party she's attending.

Hope you're having a great weekend...thanks for looking!


  1. That looks very cool! Well done!

  2. This is awesome! I love how brightly they shine!


  3. whoa this is great! love how the glow contrasts with the stamps!

  4. Girl as always! you rock! love this!


  5. This is amazing! The effect looks great. (:

  6. Looks great! I was forever on the hunt for Glow in the Dark polish! Didn't find any though :(

  7. Great manicure! I love how well it glows in the dark and everything looks like silhouettes :)

  8. I didn't even know SH had made a glow in the dark! Seems you got a whole bunch of New Lengths in Canada that we never saw down here. This is a great mani as usual from you. :)

  9. And oddly enough, after I read your post here, I found that glow in the dark in someone's blog sale and bought it.


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