Wednesday, October 12, 2011

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Well, it's Wednesday...while I don't participate often by having pink mani's on Wednesday, I thought that I could detract from doing fall and Thanksgiving manis...(and before I go full force into Halloween!!!) for a very worthwhile cause and do a Breast Cancer Awareness mani as October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Here's mani is progress; started with three coats of OPI Pink-ing of You.

Then stamped using fauxnad D08 (this is the middle image that also includes Michael Jackson's feet; I just didn't polish or scrape that portion of the plate). I can't recall any other ribbon available like this on image plates (I know Sdp plates has a similar ribbon, which I have, but it's not exactly the same and I prefer this ribbon to the other plate); so let's hope that Konad or someone else will do a ribbon stamp (and in different sizes) as there are so many themes that I could think of to use it. Until then, at least this stamp is available. D Series plates can be obtained from Chez Delaney.

I actually didn't do too bad of a job of lining the image up but the middle finger was slightly off so decided to do a second stamp beside it to fill in the gap. The stamping polish I used is from Beautiful Scratchers. I have a sample bottle from when the colour was being developed but believe the colour is Metallic Ice Pink.

Lastly, added a few random dots using CND Raspberry Parfait and OPI Bride's Bouquet.

This pix was taken the next morning in daylight...only shown as you see the stamping a little better.

I don't think I need to go into great details why its necessary to promote the need for Breast Cancer Awareness as I'm sure we all know of at least one person who is or has battled this disease. If you need more information, please go to the Canadian Cancer Society or browse the internet for more information in your area.

Last but not least, I should soon have the post ready that will announce those who had their names drawn for my Birthday Giveaway. I'm terribly sorry that it has taken this long and wish I had a better excuse other than life got in the way but that's the case. Between working incredibly long hours, dealing with the family, closing my weekend place and everything else in between that goes along with life, I just haven't had as much time as I wanted to tabulate everything...but I will do soon!

Thanks for your patience...and thanks for looking!


  1. This is really pretty. You did a great job!

  2. Wow. This is a great mani! Great job!


  3. That is a really pretty stamping polish, does it show up well over a dark base? What do you think of the Beautiful Scratchers polish? They have some really nice colors, but I'd love to hear your opinion before I order. :)

  4. CUTE!! i love the stamping polish!!

  5. That pink stamping polish is gorgeous!

  6. Michelle: I have a lot of the Beautiful Scratchers polishes....I found BS when I was looking for more stamping colour options and got tired of paying big $ for Konad sp polishes (before I found online stores like OC Nails that sell about half of what I had been paying). I have most of the BS Scratches 5 of the new(er) ice metallics when I seen Jenna a couple weeks a new colour she had just developed not even on the website yet! They aren't as thick as Konad but thicker than a regular polish but they are heavily pigminted. Because they aren't as thick, depending on how tempermental an IP is (grooves too deep mainly), I sometimes leave the polish to sit for like 5 seconds after I scrape it so it kinda starts to dry a little before stamping on the stamper and sometimes I don't stamp as hard...but this happens with even Konad polishes that smoosh out of the design beause the groove is too deep...not sure if you know what I'm referring to, but it does happen with more than BS polishes and this is what I've found helps.

    I go through stages when Konad sp white acts all wonky (sometimes it doesn't transfer the whole image and sometimes, the colour morphs white to purple depending on the base) so I use BS white when I know this is a issue.

    I really like the BS ice metallics...but can't say that I've tried them on darker colours other than white. I can tell you however, that when I met Jenna about 2-3 weeks ago to buy her new S plates, her and I got to talking about what I've been looking for stamping wise (image plate suggestions and polishes) and one thing I did mention was getting a good pink, yellow, red, green, blue etc to stamp so you can clearly see its pink, yellow, red, green, blue, etc. on a dark colour (not all faded looking like stamping does now...if you've ever stamped yellow on black, or red on black, you'll know what I'm talking about). She told me she's been developing some polishes to address this issue specifically. So it will be interesting to see what she comes up with!

    If I have a chance, I'll stamp a few colours over darker colours like this metallic ice pink and see how it works!

    I can say that the BS hot pink stamps awesome and is a great polish especially if you have ever tried to stamp with the Konad psyche hot pink polish and failed (like me...I've never been able to get a good stamp from my bottle)....I just bought a bottle of this from Jenna too as my prior one was a little sample bottle from when she was developing it.

    I haven't had any issues with BS polishes (and have bought all my bottles except a few small bottles that she has provided when developing colours for me to try so I'm not affiliated with her in any way...and have also bought IP's from her, etc etc). I've done a few manis on my blog using the BS polishes and wouldn't keep on buying them if I wasn't happy with them!

  7. This is such a great manicure both for the colour & message !!

  8. Sooo pretty & girly! And for such a great cause! : )

  9. I really love this ribbon that you used! Unfortunately the website you linked isn't selling it anymore, and I can't find a stamping ribbon anywhere :-(. Any ideas?? Thanks!

  10. I love this ribbon!! Unfortunately the website you linked no longer sells it, and I cannot find a stamping ribbon anywhere else :-(. Any ideas?? Thanks!

  11. There are a couple stamping ribbons outs there...FUN1 from Fab Ur Nails, MyOnlineShop and maybe even from Ninja polish has the plate, Dashica also has a SdP plate that has a ribbon too but you'd have to ask her to browse thru them as I can't recall the number. HTH's!

  12. There is also a large XL plate with the Chez D series images on them but I can't seem to find a seller that has it in stock right now...but it does exist.

  13. I checked my plate stash and XL U has the Chez D series on a large plate and it has this same image. Both Fab Ur Nails and MyOnlineShop both sell the plate.


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