Saturday, October 1, 2011

Minnie Mouse

I've had the idea of this mani in my mind for a while now...along with a lot of other ones!....but sometimes I just have to be in the mood for a certain mani....sometimes its just a matter that I don't have much time to put what I'm thinking about together (actually, this happens more often than not!) or my nails aren't long enough....or they are too long....or I want to wear holo but it's not calling for sunshine....sometimes I have a work function that dictates more tame nails versus whimsical or colourful (although I am pretty lucky that I can pretty much wear anything 99.9% of the time) any event, I decided to put together a Minnie Mouse themed mani a couple nights ago and this is what I came up with.

Base colours used are WetnWild Black Creme (1 coat), OPI Red My Fortunate Cookie (red-2 coats) and OPI Kiss on the Chic (pale pink-4 or 5 coats; I lost track!). While I was looking for the pale blush hint of pink for this mani, if I had have known it would take so many coats to be opaque, I would have picked another polish or put a base of a nude neutral on for underwears....and in hindsight after seeing the end result, I would have chosen a white base on these fingers just to keep it with three colours versus four...oh, well...there's always next time!

Stamped using Konad white and black special polishes using IP's SdP 16 (Minnie Mouse face), XL F (flowers in variety of sizes) and CG 06 (full length Minnie).

Added a few dots using Konad white, black and red special polishes. I was pleasantly surprised that the red dot showed up so well on the black base. I'm really digging the look of the nails with red and black bases...the bold look of the red, black and white together...I'm sure will be used for another mani in the future!

As some of the dots were pretty heavy, I waited about 15 minutes to allow them to dry before topping the mani off with a coat of SV as I didn't want to have SV drag. Nothing more disappointing than having polish drag on your newly finished mani because of this...unfortunately, I've been there many times :(

I'm not sure if you can tell from these last two pix, but topping the mani off with a top coat really makes the stamping *pop* (just look at the two Minnie faces on each pix to see the difference with and without SV) as well as smooths out the stamping image. Topcoat also makes the image stamping last longer...I am only pointing this out in case you don't already top your stamping as I never when I first started out!

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Hope you have a fabulous weekend....and thx for dropping by!


  1. amazing!!!! this is so super cute! x


  2. So cute! This looks like it would take forever! LOL

  3. This is adorable. I love Minnie Mouse! I was her for Halloween like 3 years in a row once!

  4. I am totally loving this! The colors are awesome and I especially love the freehand dots and flowers!

  5. I didn't even know they made Disney stamps! Love the flowers and the dotting, so pretty :D

  6. These are super cute and creative, I love it!!

  7. Super cute!! I love how you make so manis soo pretty with dots and diff colors!!


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