Thursday, September 29, 2011

Are White and Skittles OK After Labour Day?

After the last 3...or is it 4 or 5? dark manis, I thought I had better break out some brighter colours...and colourful this is!

Starting at the thumb and going left to right, colours used are: OPI Purple with a Purpose, Misa Hanging With the Girls, OPI No Room for the Blues, OPI Jade is the New Black, and OPI Don't Know...Beets Me! All are two coats. The Misa yellow polish, I could have done a third just to even it out a bit, but knew I was going to stamp over it so left it at two.

Not exactly neon skittles or anything and somewhat darker, subdued skittles for fall (except that yellow which looks really bright!)....but is there such a thing as subdued skittles? :) Maybe pastel skittles, but I don't think this would qualify as subdued lol! In fact, these skittles got a lot of attention when I was out and about doing errands this morning. Everyone loved it and I got a lot of compliments on it....and I think I may have turned a few gals onto stamping who were facinated with what was on my nails! It was kinda odd being at the teller in not one but two banks telling several ladies gathered around the booth the basic concept of what is stamping and how to do it, where to buy supplies locally and online, answering all their questions, giving them names to google, you tube etc etc. Not the first time I've done this nails are a travelling billboard for stamping! lol!

Stamped with Konad white special polish using Big Sdp I plate.

After I did the stamping, I thought it lacked something.....and while I really wanted to stamp an image over top of this in a solid image in a colour like black, at 1:40 am when doing my nails last night (correction, this morning!) , I guess the creative side of my brain was already asleep so I ultimately decided to add a coat of Cover Girl Goddess which happen to be sitting out at my nail station.

Thank you to a awesome swap pal for introducing this great polish into my life as it's a perfect holo glitter when you want a little holo sparkle, but not too much.

I'm not sure if I'll have another post before my birthday giveaway ends on October 1st so last call to go here if you want to check it out! And thank you again to everyone who has commented on the form...I've been reading them all and your feedback is appreciated!

Thanks for looking!


  1. These are awesome-I don't approve of rules for fashion and nail polish-wear what you want when you want!

  2. omg! It looks so cool :D I love it!

  3. Its great, love it.... I think you can wear whatever you want whenever :D ..... I'm sooo glad u liked the Cover Girl top coat, it has become one of my favorites :) so sparkly!!

  4. wow! what a fun mani! i think white and skittles are totally acceptable after labor day, especially when they look this cute! :)

  5. love this! i seriously envy your stamping skills :)

  6. this is super cute! I love the "skittles" colors!

    also im your new follower! heyy!

  7. I NEED Konad so bad!!!!
    I'll have to wait for XMas...i'm broke right now

  8. Love it! I approve of color any time of year.


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