Monday, August 29, 2011

Birthday Giveaway!


Thanks everyone for your well wishes on my birthday last week!

I mentioned that I was going to have a Birthday Giveaway in my last post; this is my current mani using one of the polishes** that's part of the giveaway.

Orly La Playa, topped Nicole by OPI Top of My World (part of giveaway); stamped using Nicole by OPI Give me the Moon using fauxnad Big SdP I. (Feel free to click on any image to see layering better.)

Here's mani in progress...two coats of Orly La Playa.

Topped with one coat Nicole by OPI Top Of My World.

Then stamped with Nicole by OPI Give Me The Moon. I was away for the weekend and didn't have my usual go-to silver stamping polish with me. So I went into town to see what I could use for a silver stamping polish and seen another Bieb's polish, Nicole by OPI Give Me The Moon, that I thought would work so picked it up. I was pleasantly surprised at the stamped pretty decently and had a nice glow-y finish to it, versus the plain metallic of my regular silver stamping polish, Nicole by OPI Positive Energy. The image is from Big SdP I, one of the new plates I got last week.

Just to show a little bit more of the versatility of Nicole by OPI Top Of My World, I put one coat of Icing Frost Yourself on my right hand (please overlook the poor polish application and cleanup!). Kinda cool to see the silver sparkle along with the dark and light blue from Top of My World.

Now the giveaway details!

First of all, a huge thank you to anyone who is already following my little blog already! I started blogging a little over a year ago, just to keep track of my stamping mani's one by one. Not too long after, there were 100 followers, then 300. Around the time of my last giveaway ending, my little blog had around 500 followers; give or take a few. Some followers dropped off here and there in between but over 100followers starting following after my last giveaway; it was fantastic to see followers following just because they wanted to see whats on my nails on any given day! After it was too late to do a giveaway for my one year blogeversary which passed before I realized it, I decided that my next giveaway would be tied into my birthday mani...and here it is!

I've decided to do things a little different this giveaway and have a poll or ballot of sorts versus just leaving a comment as my giveaways have been in the past. This way you can decide how you want your votes to count for whatever prize versus arbitrarily getting x prize when your name is drawn as in my past giveaways.

Please note that this giveaway will be open until Sunday, October 1, 2011; and is open internationally. Once all the results have been tallied, they will be drawn at random, emails will be sent to those who had their name drawn and they will have 48 hours to reply. Should a reply not be received, another name will be drawn for the prize.

The rest of the info is in the form below; hopefully I've covered everything!

Here's the polishes in the giveaway:

Prize #1: Three Nicole by OPI's, left to right: Coral Denominator, Top of My World, Canadian Star.

Top of My World is very cool for layering as hopefully you can see in the pix. I did a mani using Coral Denominator a while back here. These Bieber Nicole by OPI's are *suppose* to be Canadian exclusive, but I've read that the mini of them are in Walmart stores in US. Can't say for sure that they are or not, but none the less, they sure are pretty!

Edit: I've recently used Nicole by OPI Canadian Star in a mani; you can check it out here.

Edit: I've again used Nicole by OPI Top of My World here.

Prize #2: Three Icing Polishes, left to right: Rock Star from Mars, Tiger's Blood and Epic Winning.

These are those *Charlie Sheen* polishes from a few months ago; I did a mani here using Epic Winning.

Prize #3: Three LA Girls Glitter Addict polishes; left to right: Uninhibited, Animate and Explosion.

I've yet to do a mani with these but based upon mani's and swatches I've seen on the blogesphere, these LA Girls Glitter Addict polishes are some very cool glitter! These were my 3 faves from the collex (the black glitter is amazing....IMHO!! I can't believe I haven't layered with it many polishes, too little time I guess!)

Update: I've done a mani here using Uninhibited.

Prize #4: Three Oops! Jealous, left to right: T08, T13, T06.

T08 is in a taupe-like base, T13 is in a pink/rose base, T06 is in an aqua marine base. I may have to update this once I've done swatches, but this is what my untrained eye sees!

Prize #5: Three Oops! Jealous, left to right: No. T07, T16, T01.

T07 is in a royal blue base; T16 in gold base, T01 is in black or grey base. (I've never swatched these even so may have to update this once I do, but this is what my uneducated eye sees!)

I don't know if you can see this from the pix, but these Oops! Jealous polishes are holographic bar glitters in various base these at a local beauty supply place and thought very cool. I don't know too much about these, but I'm surmising they aren't BF3-free as they are very, but smelly!

Here's everything all together.

**Please note that all the polishes in the giveaway are new and were bought specifically for this giveaway. Any swatches I've done are with my own bottles of polish.

Here's the ballot form. (Please note that all information shared is confidential and will be used for no purpose other than for the giveaway. I know from my last giveaway, there was some hesitant to give out email addresses but please be assured I'm the only one who will see the information.)

**form removed; giveaway closed!**
I'll try to do some more mani's in the upcoming weeks featuring the polishes in the giveaway so you get a feel for those you like the most! I don't want to link any one's blog or post any pix unauthorized so if you aren't familiar with any of them, feel free to google the polishes for more pix!

Thanks for looking!


  1. awesome and very generous giveaway! now before i enter, just a quick question about the wishing you a happy bday vote...does it count if i did it on MUA and can link you to my comment?

  2. Jessica: I know the post; if you tell me your MUA name and I can confirm it, sure, I'll count it!

  3. Just a little question: is this giveaway open for worldwide locations? :)

    I really love the polishes you choose to give away :D

  4. Love the mani!! OPI Give me the Moon is such a nice find!! stamps really well

  5. Sas: Yes, the contest is open internationally (worldwide)!

  6. grat mani ! I had to buy SDP BIG PLATE I as soon as possible ;)

  7. What a great mani! That stamping design is so wonderful.

    I am going to have to look in my stash to see what I have that's close to Top of My World, as it looks super over La Playa (one of my favorites).

  8. jeez, i'm so dumb...just entered but forgot my email address...

    totally understandable if that disqualifies me, but if GFC username is Jessica D. and my email address is jessica.decarlo at

    so sorry!

  9. Jessica D: Just resend; I'll delete the prior entry. HTH!

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Oh no, I just noticed that I didnt gave you me eMail-adresse either :/ so I'll send you entry again!

    Please delete my first one: Sas with the rainbow via GFC ;) thank you!

  12. Awesome and so generous giveaway, thank you and good luck to everyone!

  13. Very generous giveaway :) and I love your manicure too... it looks so magical :D

  14. great giveaway, thanks for making it happen!

  15. Never seen Oops before, love the bottle!

  16. Happy Birthday — and thanks for the giveaway!!!

  17. nice giveaway!!! happu bday and wish you great things!

  18. nice giveaway!

    Happy birthdayyyyy i wish u the best

    :) kisses


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