Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Vacation Nails-Part Six!

This is the last of my vacation nails....while I could post lots more pictures of both mani's and vacation stuff, I'm sure there's little fun for those checking out my blog in seeing "Vacation Nails-Part Seventy-Seven" lol! I fully appreciate that what I find interesting may not appeal to others.....plus I have other mani's I've already done in between these that I want to post. In addition, I've picked up the China Glaze Metro collex, did a haul of nails inc at Sephora at Eaton's Centre the day they debuted that I thought I'd share as nails inc is now available at select Sephora's in US and Canada now...plus some other exciting posts I want to share soon too! So while I have lots of inspiration from my holiday's, plus am actually going away again in a week and am sure I'll get more ideas, this will be the end of the extra shots of scenery versus my boring ol' nails!

Here's the last mani.

Who would have thought there'd be a chipmunk stamping image! I found this while going thru my image plates. I think some of these images will be cool for some fall nails too...which will be around the corner in no time!

Mani in progress. Started with two coats of China Glaze Cyberspace. While the holo may not be terribly visible, if you click on the pix, it is more obvious in some of them.

Stamping using plates T41, fauxnad F and B02.

A variety of Konad special polishes were used which where gold black pearl, deep jungle, apple green, yellow, red and chocolate.

Added a few dots to Chippy (that's what we call all the chipmunks we see)!

Then added a few random leaves around some of the images in the same colours used. This last pix was taken the next morning in the sun in an attempt to see if more holo would be obvious in Cyberspace.....but unfortuantely, the holo in the Tronica collex was very subtle....OMG collex it is not!

And here's Chippy!

To be honest, I'm not even sure they are the same chipmunk as there were lots scurrying around and I took pix over several days!

I've had a lot of fun trying to come up with mani's using the pix of my holidays as inspiration! It was actually a good opportunity to check out all my image plates again. I've come up with more inspiration of other mani's for the future which will be posted as they come to fruition.

Thanks for looking!


  1. chipmunk image plate?? that is cool! haha great mani btw its cute :)

  2. Nails Inc. at Sephora at the Eaton's Centre? I need to make a trip into Toronto!

    By the way, I love seeing your vacation nails pictures! I'd keep reading if you had a part 77 ;)

  3. Elizabeth: Yes, thats right! There's only 2 or 3 Sephora's in all of Canada that are selling them now as they are exclusive to those locations (trust me, I already called around to confirm as I didn't want to head downtown T.O. if I didn't have to), Eaton's Centre is one; the other is in BC I believe. So cool we can get nails inc. in Canada now eh?! They were $11.50, fyi.

  4. zomg which plate has the chipmunk on? and how did i miss this post..i love this mani!


  5. Sarahlouise: The chipmunk IP is B02. I'm not even sure where I got it anymore, but Nailart end Mehr has some B series as does Beautiful Scratchers....I maybe even got it from Chez Delaney who had B series way back when!


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