Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sparkly Stars!

This is another one of my layering experiments-Nina Ultra Pro Ruby Fire topped with Nicole by OPI Spark My Mistletoe.

Stamped using Nicole by OPI Positive Energy, using Big SdP B.

Here's mani in progress. Two coats of Nina Ultra Pro Ruby Fire.

Topped with one coat of Nicole by OPI Spark my Mistletoe.

Then stamped.

Just before I took it off, I put on a coat of Essie matte polish on it; I really liked the look of this and may have worn it for a day except I had some tip wear that was starting to really bug me :(

Thanks for looking!

Oh and before I forget, Shirley is looking for some image plate design suggestions for upcoming plates (I guess?); if there's designs you want to see, leave your comments here. I know there's a bunch of images/designs on stamping plates I'd like to see and have left quite a few suggestions...she's probably tired of hearing from me by now!

I also want to stress (because lately I've been use these SdP plates A LOT), that I'm not affiliated with Shirley in any way; I've paid for all the image plates you see on this blog...I just happen to think they are some of the coolest designs out there right now so can't help reaching for them again and again when I do my nail designs! Also, I've been kinda lazy in my stamping (really, its a no time issue versus being lazy!) so been using a lot of full image designs and these SdP plates have lots of variety and are quick to stamp a design on to be honest!!


  1. Great mani!!
    I love it!!
    In matte it's cute too!

  2. I love the entire mani, but that base color is simply stunning! ... Especially on your pretty nail shape <3

  3. This looks awesome! I especially love it matte.

  4. Ahhhww ♥ the Christmas-look!
    I definitely like the matte version most!

  5. This mani is so sparkly and starry and and I just like it so much :)

  6. I love the this! I love the matte effect on it. I wanted to pass this "one lovely blog" award to you:
    I love your blog and am so glad I found it :)

  7. This design make me feel like Xmas is very close~XD I tagged you on "One Lovely Blog Award"! Please accept if you get a chance;D (^3^)/xxx

  8. the Nicole polish looks so pretty!!

  9. Thx for all your comments!

    I see more "4th of July" versus Christmas but I agree it would be a great combo for Christmas mani's!

  10. Ooo that is really cool!


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