Saturday, August 20, 2011

Let's Do It in 3D

My posts are always a little wordy so this post, I decided that the pictures can do (most of) the talking!

This is China Glaze Let's Do it In 3D, stamped with Konad black special polish, dotted with CND Sweet. Image plate is Big SdP F.

Mani in progress, started with two coats of Let's Do it in 3D. Normally, I would use the Nfu-oh Aqua base coat or matte polish for the base, but my nails were already prepped with Instant Artificials but I had no problem with application; it still sent on smooth as silk.

A few different pix as some show more holo then others; these were all in artificial light.


Decided to add a few dots to this one to brighten it/jazz it up a little.

This mani was really cool looking but the pictures just do not do it justice. The holo is more obvious if you click on the pix to enlarge.

I was really into this edgy look and could easily see myself wearing the grey/black combo during fall and winter; would really compliment a lot of my winter wardrobe.

The pix below was taken the next day in sunlight.

Thanks for looking!


  1. I love the accents you put on your stamped designs!

  2. can you send me please a photo of your stamps?

  3. Let's do it in 3D looks awesome! I love the stamping you chose to do too!

  4. This is stunning! I love the pink accents you used and wow, what a stamp!

  5. I love this! I always like pink and black together. Do you use a dotting tool or something else to add the accents?

  6. i love this, that stamp is gorgeous!

    shel xx

  7. Beautiful! I love stamping over holo polishes

  8. Sarah: I actually use a couple different things; I have a nail brush/dotting tool in one combo and I use it for a lot of dots regardless of size; I just press down more for a bigger dot and apply less pressure for a smaller dot; I also have those combo wand/brush pens that I use a bit too...depends on whats handy or what colour I want to dot! HTH!

  9. This one is a great looking mani!! I love the little pinks dots idea.....
    Great choice!!

  10. Super cute I love it that stamp and pink dots look so nice together.


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