Thursday, August 4, 2011

Vacation Nails-Part One!

I recently returned from holidays and when I was away, I spent a bit of time in the region of Haliburton County, which is one of many cottage country areas in Ontario (there's also a town named Haliburton, which I did visit, where I was able to score Sally Hansen Prisms in Ruby Emerald, Ruby Sapphire and Garnet Lapis.....the cottage crowd mustn't be into polishes too much to leave these gems untouched!!). A good friend of mine has a cottage in the area near Carnarvon on Halls Lake...about halfway between Minden and my family and I spent a few days in the area checking it out. I've been going to my friends cottage for about 15 years but hadn't visited in a few years since I got my own weekend getaway place...but it was nice for a change of scenery!

I thought I'd share a few of my vacation nails as well as some pix of my trip if you wanted to have a peek....or just look at the nails, if you want to skip the scenery shots, no problem!

This was my mani for a few days...I wanted something bright and summery that would look good whether I was shopping, at the beach or on a hike. This fit the bill, I think!

This is two coats of Essie Exposure, using Big SdP-F, Konad special polish in white and random coloured dots.

Two coats of Essie Exposure.


And dotted!

And a few pix of my walk along Buttermilk Falls, which is right on Highway 35. Not to be confused with Niagara Falls (lol!!) this is just a very (very...very... very) small waterfall that runs from the Kennisis River that drains Halls Lake (where I was staying) into Boshkung Lake.

This is what you see as you walk along from the top of the *falls* down to the end where it drains into the lake.

Whats really cool about this pix (to me!) is that you can literally stand on that slab of rock on the bottom right hand corner and be within feet of that rushing roaring water....which I did!

Far away pix of my dad, who had hiked up ahead of me...I was lagging behind taking pix!

If I remember, I want to return to this exact spot in the fall ...I think it would be an amazing pix with fall foliage.

This was a nice way to spend an hour or so with the family. It was an easy walk...we were all in flip flops....and seen a side of the landscape that you don't see in the city!

Thanks for looking!


  1. a) I need to get my butt up to haliburton if you scored those Prisms!

    b) your manicure looks lovely and summery! I love how you dotted the centers of the flowers, gives them an extra pop!

    c)your pictures look awesome. I love when I see people posting pictures of places I know! :)

  2. New follower here!!! This is so cute manicure! Perfectly done! Good job! :)

  3. stunning as always - ooo I really need to try my prisms soon - I want to find more hehe

    I love and adore the pictures thank you for sharing them sweetie .... Canada is on the top of my 'lets travel there!' first lol =-/

    /Hugs !

  4. Elizabeth: So cool you know the you know the extent of the *falls*?! lol! I tried to get the geography correct just in case someone was familiar the area!! I'll be posting some more pix in upcoming posts of a few other spots we visited.

    I felt badly for those, mainly elderly, who couldn't walk along the run of the water and just drove up, looked over the bridge, seen the falls and the real beauty of the scenery is further pix really doesn't do the area justice!

    I got the prisms at tbs (beside the main grocery store in the town; name escapes me at the minute!); I did leave a few packs behind but can't recall which ones they were, sorry. I've been pretty lucky to pick the prisms here and there in random places...just goes to show you never know when you might find your next polish gem...even when you're not looking for them!

    Super cute super easy: Welcome! Thx for checking my blog out!

  5. Aaaww~!! Your mani is SUPER cuuute~XD I Love the design and colours soooo much!! And the waterfall looks great:D Thank you for sharing your pics~;p

  6. I like how you added the colorful dots at the center of the flowers. It looks so dainty. Reminds me of summer. :)

    I went on a recent outdoor adventure that entailed jumping to a raging river. It was awesome! Your pictures make me want to go back.

  7. Impressive pictures and what a lovely mani!

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  9. Your flowers are super cute! I linked this entry from my blog to show people how dotting centers should be done. :)

  10. so pretty and springy and the pictures are so lovely...


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