Thursday, August 18, 2011

nails inc. has arrived in Canada!

As soon as I read that Sephora at the Eaton's Centre would be carrying nails inc. in August, I contacted them right away for a release date; they said starting August 8th. Well, its a good thing I called before I headed downtown because they didn't actually go on the shelf until August 9th...I called them at 10 am to confirm and was there picking out my colours by 11! I had the whole display to myself to pick from as the display was full except just one lone polish that was missing. Here's one of them.

nails inc. Westminster, stamped with Nicole by OPI Positive Energy.

Here's mani in progress. Westminster by itself. This is one coat! I probably should have done a second coat just to even out the application a bit, but I knew I'd be stamping and top coating it several times so left it at one.

Then stamped using Nicole by OPI Positive Energy; image plate Big SdP F.

Then to jazz it up a bit, a little holo sparkle.

Lastly, a few random dots using CND Plumville.

Sephora at Eaton's Centre in Toronto is one of only a few Sephora's in Canada that will be exclusively carrying them. (I called Sephora at Sherway Gardens and Square One to see if they got them; they confirmed that nails inc. would be carried exclusively at Eaton's Centre). There's also several Sephora locations in USA that they will be carried too....and a lot of UK gals already have had access to these great polishes so you probably already have them!

Here's the nails inc. release of the locations that will have them as well as the colours they are carrying if you want to see if there's a location near you. FYI, they had four of the sparkle effects in stock as well as crackle. They retailed in Toronto for $11.50 (some polishes where higher with the rhinestone tops and they did have a few trio sets); they are 10 ml's in size. I swatched four polishes when I was trying to figure out which one I wanted to do my mani in and they all appeared to be one coaters so that's good news when the size is a little smaller!

Thanks for looking!

PS: Anyone in GTA looking for the fall Sally Hansen's (Pumpkin Spice), I seen them yesterday at Rexall/PharmaPlus so they too have now arrived in Canada!! And Peridot and the other fall Chanels are also at Murale in if you were waiting for them to arrive, check out your local Chanel counter!


  1. sharp looking mani, nice stamping!

  2. so jealous! my local store isn't carrying the line, and since I refuse to pay for shipping it will be awhile before i order online! you picked a beautiful color!

  3. I was at that same Sephora the day before you! I picked out 11 Nails Inc. polishes... I couldn't help myself, they are such beautiful shades. I love the stamping you did with yours! (I always love your stamping!) Very pretty :)

  4. Hayley: Ya, when I called Sephora they told me if I knew what colours I wanted, they'd take them from the back for me but I wanted to see them all before I could make my choices! They are cool, eh? I'm so happy to have access to another polish brand!

  5. You've got "ONE LOVELY BLOG AWARD" at my blog! I tagged you! Check out it! :)

  6. That list of stores on the Nails Inc. site is so hard to deal with--I can't tell where those stores are; too bad they don't list by state/province. I'm pretty sure the Somerset they list is not the one by me, since I'm not mid-Atlantic. Why they want to make it hard on me, I don't know. :)

  7. KarenD: I agree!

    If you ever feel you *need* some nails inc., you know where to reach me....btw, I picked up SH Moonstone as I seen it recently in my travels and knew you were looking for it and *think* I have an extra ChG Dusk that I know you're looking for too! (I found a bottle in my backup pile; just can't find the original bottle yet in my stash....but pretty sure if it was there, I have a second one!)


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