Monday, August 8, 2011

Vacation Nails-Part Two

Here's another mani I wore when I was on vacation a week or so ago.

Borghese Castello Blue stamped with Konad princess special polish in cool red, then topped with LA Girl Glitter Addict in Celebrate. This was another layering experiment...all centred around how I could use Celebrate in layering along with stamping. Image plate was Big SdP G.

Here's mani in progress....I took pix in the sun and shade and it looks a little different in each so a few shots in both lighting.

In sun:

In shade:

Just before I removed this mani, I put Essie matte topcoat on it...this was a kinda cool, edgy look. Pix don't do it justice really which is unfortunate!

A few more pix of my holidays....this is the Lookout Tower just outside of Dorset that my kids and I climbed one afternoon. This is an old fire lookout that they've turned into local attraction. Stats say that the tower is 465 feet above the Lake of Bays, which is the lake you see in the pix below. Here's a pix of the tower just outside of Dorset so you get an idea of how high it is:

The view at the top of the tower.

And then looking can just see the tips of my neon orange vacay pedi!!

Not too much to see here except the tops of trees and the lakes...but it cool to walk up and see the view...and good exercise to boot! Another place I want to go in the fall for some fall foliage pix...I say it ever year but never seem to make it there...maybe this year!

Thanks for looking!


  1. wow stunning mani sweetie!- it all combines beautifully! you've got a eye for combinations - i love it! xx

    /Hugs x

  2. You're right! Matte coat made them look much cooler:D Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos~<3

  3. Looks great :) love you photos.

  4. I really like how you placed the stamped designs at the base of your nails leaving all that open space for the glitter to take over!


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