Thursday, September 8, 2011

Canadian Star

Just a reminder about my Happy Birthday giveaway as posted here. Here's one of the polishes as part of the giveaway.

Nicole by OPI Canadian Star....appropriately named as it is the star of the collection (to me, anyway!). This polish is part of Giveaway Prize #1; this is the mani I came up with.

Now I want to apologize to Justin Bieber as my pix really don't do the polish is so sparkly, and glowy and wayyyyy much nicer in real life than my late night, artificial light pix show. This is three coats; even with three coats, it could use a fourth coat to cover the few remaining thin spots. When I put it on again, I'll use a purple/blurple base coat first and then a layer or two of Canadian Star on top. But I knew I'd be stamping it making the bare spots less noticeable, so left at three coats.

As I didn't want to hide the glowiness of the polish, I wanted to do some some simple stamping. My first thought was to stamp it using black or silver, but ended up using Konad violet special polish and some hibiscus images, using Konad m29 and fauxnad SdP 11.

While I think the hibiscus stamping images are very pretty....well, I can't help thinking about certain male parts when I see the images...especially the image on the thumb I crazy or just imagining things??? lol (Maybe click and enlarge the pix to see what I'm talking about). Just as BundleMonster has those female parts image plates, maybe these are the male counterparts images....or maybe it's just my inner dirty mind taking over....?

Anyhoo, before I make this all about male and female parts, ahem, I want to thank everyone who has left any comments as part of the giveaway. I've been reading them all and thank you for your opinion whether it's been good, bad or neutral. It's also been pleasantly surprising the variety on the favourite mani posts...there isn't really one post getting more favoured comments versus another...which just goes to show that everyone has their own opinion on what is cool....and what one person likes, the next may not necessarily like thank you again if you took the time to comment!

And I'm truly sorry that none of you will ever be able to look at those hibiscus images without thinking about male parts again...if you didn't already and have an inner dirty mind like me!

Thanks for looking!


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