Sunday, September 25, 2011

Precision Twilight Zone Layered

This mani is from a few weeks ago when I was yet again experimenting with layering and stamping. Started with two coats of Precision Twilight Zone. This is a dark purple polish with holographic glitter.

Bottle pix (overexposed; it really is darker in real life as you can see from pix above).

Added a coat of OPI DS Shimmer.

I wish I could edit pix or photoshop or something as I would photoshop out that hangnail. Sorry! They are always magnified in macro :(

Then experimented with some stamping using fauxand IP A43 with Konad pastel violet special polish. The thumb is double stamped as I tried another stamping polish first but now I can't remember which one. I didn't use it anyway as it was too faint.

Lastly added some dots with Konad princess special polish in Chic Blue.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Ohhh I love the layering and stamping. Very cool!

  2. Very pretty! I like layering and stamping is also very pretty!

  3. great layering the stamp looks very nice!

  4. Really nice:-) love the colour/ layering!!

  5. Adding the Precision to my wish list now ... seriously, purple and sparkly, it's like it was made for me. :) Love the delicate stamping you did!


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