Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Funky Retro Nails

This mani was done about a month ago while I was on vacation. While I have some new manis to show you, I forgot my camera cord so I thought, no time like now to pull this from the archives!

Base is WetnWild Copa stamped using Konad special white polish, IP SdP B-19. Here's mani in progress.

Two coats of Copa.


Then added a few random dots.

I did this mani realllllyyy late at night while I was away on vacation and unfortunately don't have access to good lighting. The 'better' lighting pix were taken the next day outside.

Do you take polishes with you when you go away on holidays or away for the weekend? My family thinks I over do it....I take three bags....one of stamping polishes including a selection of image plates, one of stripers, treatments and accessories (ie base, topcoat, remover, thinner, stampers etc) and another of random polish colours and polishes for topcoats in case I want to add a little sparkle or something. Of course, its not like my recent holidays or my weekends away have been out of country when I really had to worry about space limitations or packing light. I think if I had a week abroad planned, I'd try out those Sally Hansen Salon Effects strips. I never plan out my manis so like to have selection of plates and polishes...but it is kinda silly when you think about how much I take along for the number of times I actually change my manis! But I like to have options! I liken it to taking 20 shirts with you on your 7 day vacation....just to have selection....at least that's what I do anyway!

Hope you had a great weekend....a long weekend if you are in Canada or US...and didn't have to work it!

Thanks for looking!


  1. Hehehe..the last time I went on vacation abroad I carried a big pouch with nail paints and accessories..And I was feeling bad that I am taking up space and weight. But now I dont!! Anyways great mani!! I love how to add bits and dots and completely change the look of the stamp!

  2. thats so cute! the dots you put really made it cuter :)

  3. this looks really cool :D
    not really my colours but I love it!

  4. absolutely beautiful design. Love it!

  5. This is really cute! I thought they were nail stickers at first.

  6. I adore this--the dots really make it great!

    How much nail stuff I take depends on where I'm going, how I'm getting there, and who I'm going with. A weeklong trip by air with Mr. Karen means very little nail stuff goes--lately it's been SH nail strips. By myself means a lot more goes--one long weekend last winter I think I had 10 or 15 bottles of polish plus five or six plates.

  7. This mani is soo great! I really love the pattern..

    I always try to travel light, mostly because of space limitations and because I only travel with public transport, so I have to carry it around :p I take like 5-10 polishes with me and one brush and one dotting tool.. So I travel light =)

  8. i absolutely love this!awesome mani!



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