Wednesday, September 21, 2011

French Tipped Stamping Attempt....Again

My stamping nemesis is french tips. I can never get them 100%...or even 90% for that matter! One problem is that I feel that the french tip stamping looks nicer on square-ish shaped nails, which mine are not so they always look off. I never get them all on straight nor a uniform width. Nev-er. My nails are getting a length that I thought I'd soon should be filing them down a bit but before I do, I have enough length to again attempt a french tip without having it go halfway down my of the downfalls of having small nails. This is what I came up with.

Base coat is two coats of Quo by Orly Celestial Star. While there was good coverage with two coats, with the pix you can see some VNL which does not appear in real life.

I was iffy on the stamping right from the get go so did my thumb nail first using Big SdP H. I thought if I fail at it, then I can do something else on the rest of the nails. But I lined it up pretty good.

So proceeded on the rest of my nails. Did the pinky and middle finger. Doing OK. Onto the index finger. Of course. Index finger is too thick. *sigh*. Can never get them all matched. *sigh*. Decided on using Big SdP A as an accent on the last nail, as this image is the same design as the tip but in a full nail image.

At this point, I've gone too far to remove the design and its far too late at night to start another mani. So I thought I'd add some flower accents to be a distraction against the stamping. Used the flowers in SdP E. Silver stamping polish used is Nicole by OPI Positive Energy. The silver foil contrasted well with the blue foil. To finish it off, I added a couple swirls of holographic glitter.

The great thing about polishing and stamping is that you can try, try again.....practise makes perfect and just another excuse to change your mani!

Thanks for looking!


  1. this is amazing sweetie

    This manicure turned out perfect! love the combo x


  2. I think this is still pretty, even if it isn't want you wanted :-)

  3. Sooooo right there with you -- I stare longingly at all of the tip plates knowing that I just can't keep them straight or uniform enough between the nails to look intentional. These, however, turned out way better than I could muster! Nothing here looks screwy to me, it's lovely :D

  4. I think the final looks is great! I wish I had smaller nail beds, it's annoying to have to double stamp sometimes when I my nails get long.

  5. I'm awful at stamping (or even freehanding) French tips but this manicure looks great! You should be really happy with it!

  6. the end product looks great..and ur first french finger is perfect!! Even i m not soo good at french stamping :(

  7. I rarely have enough tip to wear french tip stamps, so I've used the tip patterns to make large half moons at the bottom of my nail instead (I have similar problems lining them up though).

  8. your mani turned you super cute regarless if you didn't get the look you were going for!! great stamping as usual.


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