Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Stained Glass Mani

A good friend of mine got married a month ago. Her and I got together for dinner a couple nights ago and were looking at the pictures I took at her wedding. One of them included the stained glass at the church which I thought was cool (cool enough to take a pix of it!); this is my loose interpretation of a stained glass mani.

Here's mani in progress. Started with two coats of GOSH Green Hawaii. Love the slight holo glitter in it and a good transition colour from summer to fall!

Canadian gals, even though GOSH is available here in Canada, before you all rush out to SDM to pick it up or look for it, I've never seen this colour here. I had seen it on a European blog, added it to my wish list and then swapped for it with a swap pal. Sorry :(

Stamped using Konad black special polish, using SdP 03.

Added a few jewel coloured rhinestones.

Topped with SV. After the topcoat dried, I added another layer of SV directly over the rhinestones only to act as reinforcement. These stones are on the larger size and because they are raised quite a bit, wanted to make sure they were secure and didn't have any rough edges to get caught on clothing etc as well. I was pleasantly surprised that no stones fell off while I was sleeping, nor got caught in the towel after my shower or my clothes while I dressed the next morning.

This is the stained glass pix that was my inspiration for my (very loose) adaptation of the stained glass mani. I love stained glass!

I know this is out there and probably not every one is gonna be a fan but it looks uber awesome on my nails and is not nearly as flashy or tacky as these pix appear! (Hard to believe, eh? lol!) To me, these nails would be a great accessory to a fun summer outfit....I couldn't stop staring at them all day...they are fun for a change! And yes, I did wear them to work!

Thanks for looking!


  1. These are so awesome! I love the colors together =)
    And Green Hawaii is one of my fave Gosh polishes =)

  2. Very nice! I love the combination of the stones and the bright green background.

  3. Really pretty, such precise stamping and love the coloured gems, x

  4. Wow! Great color! Great idea! I love stained glass so this mani is perfect! Great Job.


  5. So pretty! I love the multicolored accents.


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