Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Is it Spring Yet?

Not that I'm complaining about the weather we've been having!! Really, winter has barely arrived in our area....a little snow but hardly anything significant....and fairly mild temperatures except the last couple of days. But after doing so many Christmas mani's...and then a few on the darker side (for me!), I was in the mood for something a little lighter and brighter...more appropriate for spring not winter...this is what I came up with.

Started with two coats of Zoya Robyn.

Stamped with Konad white special polish using Big SdP M.

Lastly, added a few random dots in OPI Banana Bandana and Elephantastic Pink.

I hope everyone had a fantastic New Year's! Did you make any resolutions? I have a few goals...polish and non-polish related:


* reorganize my polish area (started but not finished)
* do polish spreadsheet
* organize a blog sale
* eliminate number of untrieds
* only buy the polishes I love...not for the sake of having the whole collection
* more swapping....reduce stash and save cash! (um...maybe this won't reduce stash)
* more frequent blog posts
* moisture my cuticles more often
* better polish clean up
* organize blog/get better banner/wallpaper
* shorter posts/less rambling
* don't take 87455907 pictures of mani's...cuts into my sleeping time and they aren't all that different anyway
* look into a way to have more colour accurate or polish finish accurate pix...it is terribly annoying to have a gorgeous polish or layering combo that just doesn't translate well in the pix, or if the colour is not true to life. Better lighting or camera...or figure out how to use camera ....


* exercise more (who am I kidding...just get exercise!!)
* eat healthier
* work less
* have more family/me time (will only happen if I work less!)
* save/plan for retirement
* connect with friends and family more often (see number three)
* take family on out of country vacation
* look into buying pop up travel trailer; take kids to see more of the beauty of Canada versus what we have here in Ontario (which is pretty cool...but want them to see Bay of Fundy, the Rockies, plus lots of places in Ontario we've never been!)
* get more sleep (see number three)
* try a new restaurant at least once every couple months
* less volunteering of my time during the summer...so can relax and spend more time with family
* take at least two weeks of vacation (um...workaholic here...have lots of vacation time but rarely take any...usually only a few days or week)
* declutter house

I'll have to remember to come back to this post to see how many of these goals I've accomplished!

Have a great 2012!


  1. Super cute mani... Great new years resolutions! AND I really like your "rambling" :-P and your vacation pictures! I also agree on taking less pictures bc really they all do look the same for me too!

  2. This mani looks adorable. Lobe it! Your goals for this year are great! I hope you will achieve them!

  3. Beautiful and cute nails!! :D
    I really like your goals, and I wish you the best with them! I have some pretty similar goals for this year, so here is wishing us luck!
    I like your rambling too! :D

  4. So cute!! I love these!

  5. I LOVE the mani! Very pretty! And I have the same problem with my camera too- although really it's probably just me!

  6. Very cheerful mani! Best of luck with your goals--though I enjoy your rambling, so if you want to slack on that goal, that's good with me. :)

  7. The manicure is really adorable! I can't wait for spring already! XD

  8. Great resolutions and after today (-16 degree weather) I am definitely looking forward to spring!

  9. This is lovely!

    Good resolutions as well - good luck with them (:

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  11. Hey! I am a new follower! I wanted to say that all of these manis are simply amazing! they are so beautiful. Im am glad i can be a new follower !

  12. I love this nail art! You have a lot of resolutions for this new year ;)

  13. My resolution is to make a spreadsheet of my collection of polish and plates. But a part of me truly does not want to know how many polish I own! Love this mani! How do you not smear your Konad white? Or do you take pictures with no top coat?

  14. Fingers: Most of my posts include pix with final mani topped with SV as I personally find that topcoat makes stamped images 'pop' especially using white or black stamping polish. Topcoat also helps to smooth out dots a bit as sometimes they kinda look like little pimples without topcoat(mine do anyway!).

    The mani I'm wearing today (which is yet unposted...I believe the base is That's Hot Pink, a Barielle polish), is a great example of white and black stamping polish and what it looks like before final SV coat and after. I have pix of both for comparison...you'll see no smears or fading of white stamping polish even with final topcoat (but trust me, it does happen on occasion!).

    I find sometimes the white stamping polish kinda fades or disperses if you topcoat it before it is really really dry.

    I've found that what generally helps the most to prevent smearing and to stop dispersing of white polish, is just waiting long enough for the stamping polish to dry before applying topcoat. I also find dots take longer than the stamping polish to dry.

    I'll make sure to post pix before final SV and after so hopefully you can see. But I've found that generally, leaving time after stamping (and dots) seems to help lessening smears and dispersing of polish!


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