Monday, January 16, 2012

Hey Canucks...Have You Been By Winners Lately?

Since maybe October or so, Winners has really stepped up their game and started carrying some brands that are harder to find for us least in my neck of the woods! Barielle, Color Club, Duri, Cosmetic Arts, just to name a few. Some gals reported seeing Nubars at their local store, but when I went looking for them, I wasn't able to find any (not recently...seen random bottles maybe a year ago or so).

Here's a few of the things I've bought in the last month or so...not all the same time and not all the same location.

The only tip I have is if you want it, pick it up the first time you see it. Don't be like me...I seen one of the Art Club sets at one store on on December 23rd and passed-they had three of them and I wasn't sure if I reallllyyyy wanted them. I ultimately decided I did; went back on December 26th and they were all gone! I was able to find them at another location after. The crazy thing about Winners is that not every location carries all the products (which was a plus on the other hand because I found some sets at one location and others at another...I guess they spread the love around) and quantities are usually limited! And they do add new stock every couple weeks, so I try to visit at least one store on a regular basis to see if there's anything new and exciting...if I do find something, then I go check out a couple more stores if I have time.

I only hope this continues...I remember seeing lots of polish last October but quantities dribbled down after Christmas...I do hope they keep their stocks up all year round!

Edit: I was wondering if there's any interest in these type of posts?

While this is more of an FYI Canadians; look what you can get type of post, I do remember that when I did my birthday giveaway questionnaire, there was a few responses that had requested seeing hauls and the like. I've always avoided these type of posts (mainly too embarrassed to admit freely to the world the amount of polish I buy!) but I don't mind sharing if there's interest. And if not, that's OK too...not like I'm going to stopping doing my nails any time soon...or hope I'm not!

Please let me know your thoughts!


  1. omg! they all look gorgeous!!!

  2. I've noticed this too in the last couple of months. I managed to grab some Nubar glitters, box sets of Color Club and some Barielle polishes as well. I passed up the Barielle Moody Blues pack and I have my fingers crossed that they're still there when I go back tomorrow!

  3. aaaaaah the Art Club stripers are SO HARD for me to resist. i found the neon ones at my Winners and managed to not buy them because I can just use a striper brush with my poptastics!!

    but UGH i want them all!!!
    and WOW you found a LOT of Barielle!! we had the "5 Fashionably Fabulous" sets here. i bought one (but i mixed my colors from the two sets! lol!)

    never seen the glitter addicts.

    this haul makes me mad jealous. i buy a lot of polish too so i shouldn't be jealous but those damn stripers and barielles call to me! must go to winners...

  4. oh and we did have a display of the Nubar glitters here! but i resisted. my winners also gets some open stock of CG and OPI! do you get that there?

    1. Yes my local Winners has OPI and China Glaze too but I find them cheaper at local nail supply stores. I forgot to mention in this post that some locations sell these polishes individually by the bottle; others sell by the set.

  5. I saw the nubar too!
    Did not see the nail art collection...
    L.A Girl = you can also find them in Suzy Shier Stores :)

  6. i love haul posts! winners is getting good at increasing their nail polish selection.

  7. Haul posts, display posts, art, swatches--it's all good as far as I'm concerned. I tend not to do hauls posts myself because then I feel like I have to use those polishes right away, like showing them makes some sort of promise to not just shove them in a Helmer drawer. My brain comes up with stuff like that. :)

  8. I saw a bunch of these but didn't buy it -- no budget lol. Hopefully next time I go they have ones I want. I really want to try Barielle polishes and yes! I have seen some nubar polishes. Again I didn't buy them -- I only like their duochrome ones anyway.

  9. I love these posts-- reminds me to get over to Winner's! I saw those glitters the last time I was there, but not the other stuff. Thanks for the post:)

  10. I like many different types of posts! :D I like seeing collections, but if you aren't comfortable with that, that is alright! ^-^
    Wonderful haul you got!! Winners has got some great stuff (sometimes ;)).


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