Thursday, January 12, 2012

Orly Nite Owl

This is another one of those mani's I did with veryyyyy short nails. I was pretty pleased how it turned out considering there isn't a whole lot of nail to stamp! lol!

Started with Orly Nite Owl as the base, two coats. This is such a beautiful polish that I haven't seen a lot of love for in the blogesphere for some reason.....a neutral with an edge!...maybe because it was released in the same collex as Orly Fowl Play which seemed to get all the attention! The shimmer is so what I seem to be into lately.

Stamped using QA 7. I've numbered the images on the plate I used for the mani for reference.


Used Konad black special polish using Image #1 on most of the nails and Image #2 on accent ring finger. I actually didn't do too bad lining up the tips for once! Yeah me! Not perfect, but decent! Unfortunately, the little dip in the centre of the tipped image accentuates any lining up errors. Oh well....not perfect but better than I've done in the past.

The above look was actually what I had planned in my mind when I started the mani...I was kinda going for 'simple elegance'. But then I got to looking at it and in my mind, it seemed more simple then elegant..... even plain. So added more stamping using Image #2 on the thumb and ring finger, the small flower on Image #3 on pointer, and the large flower on Image #3 on pinky with Konad white special polish.

This is more like it! But ultimately, I decided to add some accent stamping on top of the white on the thumb and middle finger using the small flower on Image #3 on the middle finger and the large flower on Image #3 on the thumb using black Konad special polish.

Waited a few minutes, added a coat of SV. The topcoat just really makes the stamping polishes pop as I've said before, especially the black, if you compare the ring finger on the pix above with the pix below.

I was pretty pleased with how this turned out...this was some pretty cool stamping (to me anyway!) on my nubby nails. But looking at these pix, I seriously need to work on my Konad is the worst to clean up!

Thanks for looking!


  1. Omg i love this!!!!

    Awesome mani sweetie!


  2. Very very pretty! You are good at stamping!

  3. This looks so gorgeous!! I really should have picked Fowl Play up (although to be honest I don't remember ever coming across it). Ever since I saw my first swatch of it online, I have been lemming it (and now especially after seeing this! :D).

  4. Very nice nail art with this nail stamp!

  5. this looks great! i love that color and you the stamping is amazing

  6. Ashesela: maybe I misunderstand your comment but Fowl Play is the purple flaky one; this is Nite Owl. I'd hate for you to look for or buy the wrong polish!

  7. I love how you've layered the black and white stamps!

  8. layered stamping! this is great!

  9. This is soo sweet! I luv this mani! U r really good with mixing diff stamps and colours..I am always inspired by your posts

  10. Your nails don't look nubby to me here. :) The mani puts me in mind of the Three Musketeers--I guess because some of the designs look like fleur d'lis to me (don't think I spelled that right). Thanks for letting me free-associated in your comments! :)


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