Monday, January 30, 2012

How's Your Weather? This is What I'm Seeing...

We're had some nasty weather over the last few days; in fact, its snowing right now as I type this post. The snowy conditions was the inspiration for this mani.

Started with two coats of Spa Ritual Circle of Life and OPI Bride's Bouquet on accent finger; all two coats.

Added Color Club Starry Temptress topcoat; one coat on most nails but two on the accent nail.

Stamped with Konad white special polish using Big SdP K on thumb and assortment of snowflake images from XL K on rest of the fingers....except the pinky; on it, I used a couple of the snowflakes from the full size image from SdP K on it. I adore the snowflakes from XL K....a couple of these snowflake images are very cool!

For the stamping accent finger, used the same Big SdP K design with Konad special blue polish.

What?!! Based on the bottles, I expected the blue special polish to stamp pretty close to Spa Ritual Circle of Life, but it stamped much lighter. See bottle comparisons here:

What can you do? I wish it would have stamped closer to the colour of Circle of Life but it is what it is. *sigh*

Added a few more of the smaller flakes from Big SdP K here and there to fill in some bare spots.

Topcoat of SV to finish it off.

I'm not looking forward to my commute to work in the morning due to the snow we're having right fact, I'd say its the most we've had all at once all season....and it's suppose to turn to freezing rain in the early hours of the morning. Maybe I'll call in sick (cough, cough!!) lol!

Thanks for looking!


  1. I love this. I've got snowy weather here too, and this is the perfect mani for it.

  2. I like that you used two different blues. Awesome mani!

  3. I'm so jealous of your weather, but the nails are a great substitute! :) The Konad polishes never seem to dry to the same color in the bottle, it's weird... still looks awesome though!

  4. This is SOO cute! I want more snowflake stamps now, I don't have nearly enough!

  5. Beautiful! The two blues actually look nice together.
    It's pouring rain out here on Vancouver Island but I've heard some of that white stuff is on the way.
    Be careful driving!

  6. super beautiful stamping! I love it :) x

  7. You know, it's been said that most sick calls to work are not because the people calling in sick are actually ill, but because of other reasons. They when they're sick, they go to work. Sounds like the weather is sucky, just call in dead, ha!

  8. I just love snow! I am loving the snowflake on your middle finer near the base-that is one cool looking snowflake-may need to get plate K just for that!! That spa ritual blue is beautiful! This whole mani rocks!

  9. I love this manicure, but not the inspiration for it. I drove from the GTA back to Kingston yesterday and it was as clear as a bell, woke up in Kingston this morning and it's a white, icky wonderland! Good thing I only have to drive about a km to school!

  10. nailxchange: I made it into work...roads were great when I left home and turns out, we didn't have that freezing rain after all! I actually rarely ever take any time off...sick time or holidays even though I get a lot of both...I pretty much have to be dead to call in sick for fact, I don't ever remember calling in sick because I was sick...moreso because my kids were too sick to go to sitters or because of other reasons like staying home last Friday for the dishwasher repair guy to show for his 8 am to 5 pm appointment!

    Elizabeth: It sure is an icky wonderland...and probably won't last because of the crazy mild weather we're suppose to have over the next few days.

  11. And I still can't reply to comments using my newly achieved reply setup which is driving me insane!

  12. Great wintery mani! That is surprising about the blue stamping polish--thanks for the bottle shot.

    We had a little snow here yesterday but now it's warming up again so I don't expect it'll be around long.

  13. Color Club Starry Temptress topcoat looks really nice!

    We had snow earlier today, but by this afternoon it had melted away. I wore my boots to work and everything!


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