Thursday, December 4, 2014

Shimmer Strength and Elevation The Med 2

I don't know about you, but I do my nails pretty often; anywhere from 4 to 7 times a week.  I'm not a swatcher; what you see posted has been on my nails at least 24 hours or longer, except on the very rare exception when I may have done my nails one night and took them off the next morning which I think has happened once in recent memory.  Or when I did extended wear reviews for gel polish, for example.  When there is a season like winter or holiday like Christmas like this time of year, I get bored of having the seasonal or holiday designs on my nails THAT often, so tend to change it up with non seasonal mani's in between once or twice a week. I rarely get all the seasonal or holiday mani's posted during the actual season or holiday simply because I have done so many and not enough free time to get the posts prepared to share them all (hence, why I have so many mani's in archives as I mentioned a few posts ago!) So after I stopped wearing fall and leaves on my nails a few weeks ago, I went full throttle into winter and seasonal holiday nail mode.  It seemed every design I was putting on my nails were like this, therefore, I have so many holiday and seasonal nails already and it's just early December....(not to mention mani's from last year that I never did share).....which I will be posting soon!. Anyway, for something a little different and unseasonal, I came up with this a couple night ago...and even then, I was sorely tempted to put snowflakes on the base but didn't! Although this would be a perfect base for some snowflakes.....anyway, here's what I came up with!

Started with a base of two coats of Elevation Polish The Med 2, no topcoat.  

Added a thin coat of Shimmer Polish Strength.  It is so crock full of glitter, not a whole lot is needed for layering glitter interest!  It would also build up to opacity easily if you wanted to wear it alone.

Shimmer Polish Strength**.  There's even little heart glitter in there!

While I could have stamped on my nails just like this, I did add top coat.  One, I appreciate that not necessarily everyone stamps their nails and might want to see what this combination looks like, but also, in case I mess up the stamping or aren't happy with the placement, I can easily remove and stamp again!  This is a stunning combination IMHO;  the two colours compliment each other so well.  A beautiful base for some stamping!

My very first order arrived from Born Pretty not too long ago. I had ordered a few of their new stamping plates - did you know they have their own brand of plates now?  Well they do!  Decided upon Born Pretty BP-21 as I wanted an image that the base could be visible so used it  along with white Konad special polish.

Born Pretty BP-21.  I used the image on the top left corner and stamped it different angles and different sections of the image so each finger is a little different for interest.

Top coated to finish.

Shimmer Polishes are available via their Etsy shop here.

Thanks for looking!

**polish provided for review; please refer to disclosure policy

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  1. It starts beautiful, gets better and ends up totally amazing!


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