Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Purple Star Burst

I did these nails almost two months ago but I had a selfish reason for not sharing them sooner.  One of the polishes used for this mani was on my list of lemmings and I had put out an ISO in a few FB groups and I didn't want anyone else to pick it up until I had secured my backup bottle.  Selfish, I know, sorry.  Now that I have one in hand, I can finally share this mani.  And who knows, maybe my reason for being selfish might not be founded to you but I'm betting after some see what I did here, there might be a few people ISO of bottle of this polish too!  Here's what I came up with!

Started with a base of two coats of Formula X For Sephora Reckless, no top coat.

Added a coat of Girly Bits What A Rush Top Coat.

Sponged on a gradient using Colors by llarowe Hellcat Oops.  I just love this polish for doing sponging like this and this is the polish that I was ISO.  I needed a back up bottle as I have used my bottle a few times now and am afraid I will run out!  

Added a coat of Girly Bits What A Rush QD TC before stamping.  *Swoon*  I love the look of this!

I had picked an image from Moyra 21-Retro to stamp on top but it covered a little too much of the base for me so thought I would leave the pinky and thumb stamp free.

Moyra Stamping Plate 21-Retro

Top coated the stamping with Girly Bits What A Rush QD TC.

But it looked odd to me so I ended up stamping them anyway and hope that the base shows through the stamping anyway!

Sorry for being selfish; I hope that anyone who wants a bottle of this Cbl Hellcat Oops gorgeousness can find it and  hope I didn't create an unattainable lemming!

Thanks for looking!

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