Monday, August 22, 2016

Testing Out Acrylic Plates!

I had told myself that I wasn't going to do any more mani's when I was in cottage country because I've been having so many issues there that tick me off:  topcoat smearing, really poor cleanup and not the best lighting.   I'm rarely happy with the way they turn out so figured why bother.  Then I received my order of acrylic plates that I had ordered specifically to keep in cottage country so I can keep the rest of my plates at home and thought I would try them. This is what I did yesterday afternoon; not perfect by any means but I liked how they turned out and they look better IRL but still have top coat smear!  Grrrrrr!

Started with a base of two coats of Orly Lift The Veil; shown with no top coat.

Added a coat of Girly Bits What A Rush QD TC.

Did a radial gradient using Orly Lift the Veil, Orly Frolic and Essie Jewel in the Crown.

Sponge for the gradient; Orly Lift the Veil was very thin and a pretty pale colour so I did a big blob of it very last every time I reapplied the colours.

Topped with Girly Bits What A Rush QD TC before stamping.

Used an image from one of the acrylic plates, XY-F13.  Even with a clear jelly stamper, placement was not guaranteed!  Also, this jelly stamper was pretty hard so didn't hug my nail curves the best so placement at the sides was hit and miss.  Some I tried to line up again but not perfect by any means.  Used FunkyFingers Gesso as stamping polish.

This was me testing the image before use.  While I love how cheap these plates were, what I don't like is having to put them up to a light or a window to see what the images actually are.  As you can see (or is it, can't see?), you can't see any image on the plate very well.  I haven't done any reading up on use of these either; I used a plastic scraper as wasn't sure how my regular Konad metal edged one would work.  Also used pure acetone to get off plate and not really sure if this will affect the plates in the long term although there was no obvious distress to the acrylic plates for the times I did use it in cleaning off the plate.

Topped with Girly Bits What A Rush QD TC to finish.  Even though I waited about 10 minutes before top coating and it wasn't even that hot and humid, still had polish smear. Grrrr!

Thanks for looking!


  1. I loved seeing how you did this mani & think it looks gorgeous.
    Vicky xx

  2. This mani is very pretty! I've heard of the acrylic plates before but I agree with you on the not being able to see the images without holding the plate up to the light.

  3. Tammy, what I'm using lately to avoid smear the stamp is hair spray before topcoat. It works like a charm !!!Hope it helps!


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