Monday, October 8, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is Thanksgiving here in Canada; this is what I've been wearing all long weekend!

Started with skittles of fall appropriate polishes. Going clockwise starting at thumb is L'Oreal The Perfect Trench, China Glaze Desert Sun, OPI Schnapps Out Of It, OPI Don't Talk Bach To Me, and Orly Coffee Break, all two coats.

Image plates used where Blink H50 (turkey on index), Blink H15 (cornucopia), SdP 89 (turkey on middle), HB21 (leaf on ring and thumb), T41 (acorn on index and pumpkin on ring), LLC3 (pie on thumb).

Added a few dots for some colour using assortment of Konad special polishes.

Topped with SV (no pix but first picture). 

Blink H plates can be obtained here.  Nail Art Decoration is located in Indonesia.  When I first contacted them to ask if they would ship to Canada, they responded no, that they only ship within Indonesia.  After emailing them again....begging that they make the plates available for international shipping....they agreed, however, agreed to registered mail and because of this, shipping was on the expensive side.  While I paid $29.20 shipping for 50 plates which is the rate for shipping 1kg or under, I've emailed them a couple times and asked if they would consider a less expensive option for just one plate as I know that other nail fanatics would be interested in just one or two and not necessarily all 50.  They have indicated there is a 500 g shipping option, but I don't know how much that is.  I don't know if it would be cheap enough for just a few plates. I'll update the post if/when I hear back!  The other thing to point out with the plates is that the images are fairly faint; while it is a good stampable image, you have to be quick for transferring and the images are on the smaller side.  The plates themselves weren't terribly expensive at $1.90 each (at least that is what the per plate cost was when I bought all 50 of the Blink H ones.)

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian nail friends....hope you had a great long weekend...and thanks for looking!


  1. omg! these are great! Happy Thanksgivings! :)

  2. I love that piece of pie stamp, haha! Great Thanksgiving mani!

  3. Wow I am loving this-I love the base colors-you rocked this one. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving-the USA is in November-now you got me craving turkey and gravy!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving, belatedly!


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