Thursday, October 11, 2012

Harvest Moon by Amy's Nail Boutique

Here's another fall mani I came up with not too long ago.....with a polish that arrived in the mail not too long ago....Harvest Moon by Amy's Nail Boutique.

Started with a base of China Glaze Desert Sun, two coats. The pix below has no topcoat as I knew I'd be layering.  I'm scratching my head looking at this be honest, Desert Sun has been a favourite go to fall polish in an assortment of mani's that I've done this year....but looking at the pix below, I wonder why I want baby poop on my nails cause that's what its reminding me of today as I type this!  Looking at it too, I wonder how close it is to OPI OPI & Apple Pie....but I don't think it's a comp I'll be doing anytime soon! 

Anyhooo, added a layer of Harvest Moon by Amy's Nail Boutique.  This polish is crock full of glitter and I struggled trying to get a *thin* coat of glitter on my nails as I wasn't going for an all over glitter to fully coat my nails look but more so a hint of glitter. Does that make sense? lol! Now crock full of glitter isn't a bad thing...but I just wanted a layered look versus overall glitter so *tried* to keep it on the thin side! I see my thin coat attempt needs more work though!  Feel free to click on the pix for a closer look. 

A couple bottle shots of Harvest Moon. 

Loads and loads of glitter here!

For some stamping interest, stamped using fauxnad XL Y using CND Gold Chrome as the stamping polish and added SV to finish.

This pix you can see the glitter under the stamping a little better.

Amy's Nail Boutique polishes are available via Etsy here

I really liked the way this autumn mani turned out and wore it for a couple days before I took it off to do my Thanksgiving nails....even though its a colour  scheme typically outside of my comfort zone!

Thanks for looking!


  1. I don't like the color on it self. But what you did with harvest moon and the gold stamping is awesome! So now i love it. Hihi

  2. I love the colors here-so pretty!

  3. Great seasonal mani! I think I need to go check out this Amy.

  4. Both manicures are gorgeous :) Have a nice weekend.

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