Friday, October 26, 2012

Yet Another Halloween Mani

Are you tired of Halloween mani's yet?  Hopefully not because here's yet another one I did not too long ago!

Started with a base of two coats of Revlon Alluring Amber and FingerPaints Black Expressionism.  Alluring Amber seems to be my go to orange polish the last couple years for Halloween mani's...I seem to think I picked it up at a bargain bin someplace but need to find a backup before I run out!

For some interest, added a coat of Lacquistry Pickin' Punkins' in the Patch to accent.

Another pix to see the Lacquistry at a different angle.

The mandatory bottle shot!

I really wasn't too keen on stamping the mani at this point because I was kinda digging my nails without any stamping...but then I remembered I had done some trial stamping of some images that I've never used before, so I decided to add them for fun. Used black Konad special polish using plates W234 (skull on ring, witch on middle, frankenstein on pinky), W215 (boo on index), OB26 (house on thumb and flying witch), T23 (bat above boo on index as well as small bats on thumb, middle and index, spider on ring and pinky and pumpkins placed on middle and thumb).  The green polish is Sally Hansen Insta-dri Lickety-Split Lime.

Added green dots in eyes of frankenstein, the witch and the pumpkins using Lickety-Split Lime and touched up the base of the house on thumb using a small brush with the Konad polish.  The witch was too freaky with green eyes so dotted black on top of the green so I wasn't all freaked out!

Topped with SV to finish.

Another pix to see the pumpkin at the base of the house.  It was suppose to mimic putting a carved pumpkin outside your door like on Halloween night...and then most of the pix, I cut it out of the frame!

Have a fantastic weekend...and thanks for looking!


  1. I have live wall paper which just looks like the design on your thumb in purple :)

  2. WOAH, how flipping cool is this?!? It's soooooooo rad.


  3. So beautyful! ♥
    And I'm never tired of Halloween mani's!

  4. nop! not tired of halloween manis! :) i love them! and this one is super gorgeous!

  5. ur halloween manis r like reading through a book with graphics! :D

  6. THat is one creepy witch on your middle finger! I LOVE it! I only did one Halloween mani this year-just lacked the inspiration-it'll post tomorrow.


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