Saturday, October 13, 2012

Last of the Fall Mani's...I Think!

I spent some time over the Thanksgiving weekend simply taking in the views of the amazing scenery in cottage country and thought I'd do a mani kinda along the lines of what I seen.  At the bottom of the post are a few pix of some of the scenery too...some are spectacular IMHO.  Unfortunately, my nails are not nearly as gorgeous as some of the landscape, but none the less, here's what I came up with. 

Started with a base of two coats of OPI Don't Talk Bach To Me, shown with tc.

Using SdP 8 and with Konad Brown stamping polish, stamped in the tree trunks for the trees.

Using the same SdP plate and assortment of Konad stamping polishes, placed the different colour of bunches of leaves on the branches.

This is what the SdP plate looks like for an idea of what I was doing.

Then continued to individually stamp on the single bunch of leaves from the SdP plate to make the bunches of leaves look bigger.  I didn't have to be too exact for this, as you can see below.  As I went along, I also did some maple leave stampings using the same stamping polishes with plate HB21.

Started working on the other tree as you can see from this pix below.

I seen there was a whole lot of space at the top of the trees before it hit my cuticle, so made the bunches of trees a little fuller and taller.  After I did this, I thought the leaf area is so messy that it may have been pointless to do all that individual stamping as it was fairly time consuming and could probably have just sponged on some leaves, but none the less, I just stamped and stamped and stamped to get the leaf effect.

Then painted in the tree trunk with a paint brush to take it down to the tips using the Konad brown stamping polish.

Topped with SV to finish.  After I did the topcoat, I noticed a blue fibre that made it onto my thumb nail when I added the SV...this irked me to no end, let me tell you!  I never even noticed it IRL and didn't see it until I was previewing the shots taken.  I had posted the pix on FB AiS whining about it as well as my lack of photoshopping skills to fix it...and a kind gal there edited it for me, which is the very first pix you see in the post.  Thanks so much again, Christina!

 Here are a few pix that I took over last weekend.

The pix below isn't the most vibrant because it was overcast when it was taken. 

 This pix below, it wasn't the best of the landscaping but thought I'd share as I was fascinated by the size of the cloud in comparison to the trees.

The same general area across the lake but at a different time of day when the reflection in the water was apparent.

Somebody has some raking to do.....! That would be my husband and kids...

Have a great weekend! 

Thanks for looking!


  1. The scenery is gorgeous. I drove to Port Elgin to visit some people and it was beautiful up there as well!

  2. Amazing mani and photos :)

  3. Lindo! eu amo suas nail arts!!


  4. I like your multi-colour leaves stamping! You really captured the brightness of fall in this mani!

  5. These are asilutely gorgeous

  6. Oh how I love the fall and all the colors-they just started changing here in Virginia. I am loving this mani as well! I love how you did the multi colors-

  7. this looks like an oil painting on canvas!! Beautiful! I love the scenery pics also!!

  8. Is that your backyard? If it is, boy you are lucky, it's so beautiful. I've never been to the northern hemisphere during fall so never had the chance to see the leaves turn colours.


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