Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Black Stamping Polish Comps over MPJ

*Warning.....long, wordy post with lots of pictures*

This is probably going to sound silly, but have you ever owned a polish, but were afraid to wear it?  This is how I felt about OPI My Private Jet.  Silly, eh?  I've had MPJ for a long time, but never wore it.  Then, not too long ago, I got to thinking why am I not wearing some of these htf polishes I own?  Why have them if not to wear and enjoy them?  But I know that my fear is that I'm afraid I'd spill or drop the bottle in the middle of my mani...which I've done before...more than once...then it would be gone.  Then the possibility of getting another bottle is slim to nil.  But it seemed a little silly having a bottle but never putting it on.  So as nervous as I was about putting  it on.....yes, I was nervous about it, no kidding....as well as worried about dropping or spilling it in the process....not too long ago, I took the plunge and decided to do a mani with MPJ; here's what I came up with.

There are a few different versions of MPJ out there; I too have a couple of them.  This is the original holo version; I happen to stumble upon it just as I was starting to get back into polishes after I discovered Konad a few years ago...problem was, I didn't even know it was a *special* polish.  I bought a bottle just because I liked the pretty rainbow in the bottle.   After joining Makeup Alley, I read about the much sought after MPJ holo version.  So I decided to take a closer look at my bottle, and sure enough, it looked like I had one.  Shortly thereafter, I went back to that polish store to see if I could snag a few more bottles for swapping to spread the MJP holo love around like I did when I stumbled upon a place that had oodles of bottles of Essie Ruby Slippers and the China Glaze OMG collex......but unfortunately, they were all gone.  I don't know if a nail fanatic stumbled across them, knew what they had and then sold them all on eBay...or if a bunch of polish noobs like me bought them just for the pretty rainbow in the bottle!   

Here's a whole bunch of pix of it....feel free to click on the pix for some better views.

The pix above is two coats all on its own; I didn't do a black base coat although I may do this next time ....to conserve the bottle!  Two coats makes it look more on the gray side versus charcoal/black; three really were needed to get it on the darker side.  The pix below is with three.

Wayyy too many pix of MPJ...trying to capture some decent pix more than anything!  As beautiful as this is, the holo is hard to capture...at least it was for me!  MPJ has a scatter holo versus a linear holo as seen in the Layla or Jade holos.

Speaking of Layla or Jade, I have the charcoal/black counterparts in their brands plus a few other brands because I do love holos....maybe some day, I'll have to do a comparison post.  I'm positive their versions will be much more holo-tacular...but none the less, I'm still happy I have this one in my stash. 

The pretty-rainbow-in-the-bottle pix.

It was tough to stamp on top of this beauty but there's there's not too many mani's that don't get some stamping on them.  I thought I'd do some black stamping...and while I was at it, sample some different stamping polishes that I had bought recently in my ongoing effort to see if anything stamps as well as Konad black...but without the dreaded cleanup issues.  So did a bit of comparison stamping.

The polishes used were FUN Charcoal (thumb and middle finger), Konad black (index and pinky) and Mash black (index).  All of these images are from plate XL Y.  I chose this plate because it looked like there were a variety of interesting designs that you could stamp on your nails, yet see the base polish underneath.   

The above pix is after SV added.  Looking at the above pix, you can't even tell which polish is Konad and which ones aren't.  Both the Mash and Fun polishes were dark and cleaned up well...the problem is, that with this mani, I didn't have too hard of a time doing the cleanup of the fingers using Konad either...but I know its not always like this.  Based upon past black comparisons like the one I did here, I'd have to use the black stamping polishes on a light base to see if truly they are Konad replacement worthy.  But if the above pix are any indication, I'm sure they will be!  As much as I love Konad black for stamping...the clean up issues are the only problem...I love the dark stamping of Konad but sometimes I just can't get it off my cuticles during the cleanup process afterwards!

Lastly, a pix taken outside a day or so later.  Hello holo!  So pretty!

And still way too many more pix as I can't seem just to pick one or two sometimes....!

Thanks for looking!

PS: I didn't drop or spill the bottle!  Makes all my fear and nervousness seem really silly now in retrospect! 

PSS: Fauxnad XL Y and FUN stamping polishes are available at My OnLine Shop and Fab Ur Nails; as is Mash via their estore.  All links can be found on the tab on my homepage 'Where I Get My Stuff.'

PSSS:  My next post will be a white stamping comparison post on a different holo base.   


  1. You clearly have the genuine MPJ))) amazing!

  2. wow! i also have mpj, but mine is the old version..

  3. Lovin it. I really like the stamp over top

  4. I wonder how this compares to my Enchanted Polish Midnight which is a charcoal grey holo? Want to mail me your OPI so I can compare? HAHAHAH! I am Loving that pattern on your thumb-it's very cool to me. And yes I am like you-I bought two bottles of Max Factor Fantasy Fire and I don't even use it! Why noT???????? Why are we like that? So silly! This is a gorgeous color-I wish OPI would reproduce it. Maybe seeing all the other brands hopping on the holo wagon-they will?

  5. Good one, Fingers....but I can just compare it to MY bottle of Enchanted polish lol!

    I have FF too and actually have tried it once, but have the real deal and never! So many polishes like this but just recently decided to do some manis with them because why have them otherwise, right?

  6. Oh my, this is gorgeous! I completely get why you didn't want to use it. I have some polishes from Brazil that I've been putting off using for months and months--they're so pretty and the bottles are so tiny and I don't want to just swatch them and take them off. I need to get over that.

  7. I have the dark brown holo version, which I still love even though it's not the charcoal but I'm always afraid to wear it too!

  8. great manicure on a fantastic polish. love it!

  9. Love this!! The color is amazing!! Glad to find another Canadian that is as obsessed with nail polish as I am lol!!

  10. MPJ is awesome!!!! Nice stamping with the leopard print

  11. Amazing polish! Looks even more beautiful with stamping!


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