Thursday, October 4, 2012

White Stamping Polish Comps over 515

Another stamping polish comparison post...using a different holo base...not nervous this time as I know if I drop or spill it, I can replace this bottle a little easier!    This is what I came up with.

Started with a base of Ozotic 515.  After my regular base, I did add a coat of Nfu aqua base, then two coats of Ozotic 515.

After Ozotic 515 was applied, I used Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Diamond Flash Fast dry topcoat (aka the one in the black bottle).  As I've mentioned before, I had read that this topcoat doesn't dull holo polishes...and so far, I can't complain with the results.

For this stamping comparison post, I decided to do a comparison between Konad white special polish and FUN white stamping polish.  While I'm happy with the results and cleanup of Konad white, I did this comparison more so just to see if FUN came close to the end result of Konad white as Konad does seem to be set the standard of white stamping polishes IMHO. The pix below is the stamping using both Konad and FUN stamping polishes.  Can you tell which one is Konad and which one is FUN?  Neither can I!

On the thumb, middle and pinky as shown below, FUN white stamping polish was used.

Index and ring finger were stamped with Konad white special polish.  I couldn't tell the difference between the two!

The image plate used for this comparison was the same as my last post, XL Y.  This plate quickly became one of my favourites because it has some great full size images and you can see the base polishes well underneath which is great for layering experiments.  I again topped with this mani with Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Diamond Flash Fast dry topcoat (aka the one in the black bottle); you will notice too that there wasn't any stamping drag using it on either of the stamping polishes.

The next day, I took a pix of Ozotic 515 outside in the sun.

I was really pleased with the results of the FUN white stamping polish.  When I ordered back in the spring, I ordered the small bottles because I wasn't too sure on how they would stamp.  I've since ordered a large bottle for when the mini runs out...along with larger bottles of most of their other colours as I've been happy with the results using the FUN stamping polishes generally.   The small bottle is 6 ml and when converted, sell for $1.69 US.  The 12 ml, larger bottles go for $3.13.

FUN stamping polishes and XL Y are available at My OnLine Shop and Fab Ur Nail.  Ozotic 515 (and other Ozotics) are available from llarowe and Harlow & Co.  All online links are provided on the homepage on the tab Where I Get My Stuff.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Looks so great with white!!
    I love the designs you chose!

  2. That holo is gorgeous! I also really like the stamp on your ring nail.

  3. I couldn't tell a difference between the whites, either.

  4. Love this comparison. I am always on the hunt for a good (cheap) white stamping polish. I tend to reach for white or black very often!

  5. I couldn't find that XLplate Y on Fab Ur Nails shop-am I missing something? I have really liked the designs you've done the past two posts and was looking into buying it-can you help?

  6. Fingers: MyOnLineShop sells the plate for sure but its out of stock. I had messaged her a few weeks ago and its on order and expected soon. I don't see it on Fab Ur Nails but both places generally sell the same products; maybe email her? If I find out anything else, I'll update!

  7. Fingers: MyOnLineShop has it in! She sent me a message saying its available!


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