Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Digit-al Dozen: Art, Day 3

I have to laugh at myself regarding today's post.  It was decided that those who were doing Jackson Pollock inspired mani's would post today.  So I did a bunch of googling last night for inspiration and found a pix that I thought I could come up with.   When I googled Pollock paintings this morning to post and credit the pix, the pix I was basing my mani couldn't be found, but with a little bit more surfing, I found it, only to discover that in fact the painting I was using wasn't a Jackson Pollock original, but a Jackson Pollock 'inspired' painting.  *head thumb*  Too late to change it, so here's my Jackson Pollock inspired mani based on a 'Jackson Pollock inspired' painting.


Started with a base of two coats of OPI Bride's Bouquet, topped with SV (no pix as have shown many times before). Then to do the quasi flinging of paints Pollock style (I knew I'd never be able to tolerate the mess), used a stamp to do something similar!  Stamped using Konad red special polish using MJ II.


Did a second layer of red stamping.


Another layer, using Konad orange stamping polish; repeated a second time.


Added a hot dog to thumb using black Konad special polish using MJ VIII.


Added a layer of lines with Konad yellow special polish; repeated a second time.


Finally, after stamping 31 times in total, did some clean up.


Topped with SV (before doing it, I hand filled in a couple lines on the hot dog where it looked like there was a white dog on it as seen in the first pix ...I have no idea how it escaped getting a few lines but it was sticking out like a sore thumb and I couldn't stand the look of it!)


Here's the pix used as my inspiration, even though its not a Jackson Pollock original.
 Painting/image credit given to Kyle Dreir. 

Here's the mani's from the other ladies....I'm sure they know the difference between a Jackson Pollock original!

So what do you think....was I close....even though it's Pollock inspired and not an original? 

Thanks for looking!


  1. Great recreation of the inspired work. I am not familiar with Jackson Pollock so I won't judge. Looks great to me! Cute with the hot dog and all.

  2. Even though it's not an original - it is SO cool! I love that you did this with stamping too!

  3. Hot and fun nail art
    Kiss and happy day

    Buona serata

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  4. You would know, out of anyone..other than the Bundle Monster set..are there any stamping plates with a chevron pattern, preferably a bigger/wider chevron pattern?

    1. I'll check my plates and let you know but off the top of my head, a QA plate has a chevron image if I'm not mistaken, but will get back to you!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Ok not sure exactly what you are looking for but here's some options: VL 006 has few varieties, OB 30 (I seem to think that QA or KD series have similar images too so I may have OB 30 but its QA on another plate if that makes sense), LLC A has very large but not sure if they are what u are looking for, but I think the best match is Mash 45 but its on a diagonal so not sure if it would work or not (would depend on nail size as you would gave to rotate it a quarter to be straight across your nail). I''m sure it's what u want just not the diagonal part but I didn't see anything else like it. HTH!

    4. Thank you! I knew you'd come up with some options, since you have a MASSIVE amount of plates! Going to check all those out :)

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  6. The first thing that crossed my mind seeing your first picture was oh jummie spaghetti. ;-) The look really great.

  7. OK That looks like a pile of spaghetti to me!!! I love how you showed how messy the skin gets when you stamp-so true!!!

    1. I had to leave it or this would have taken me forever to do because I stamped each finger 6 times and even if did cleanup after each colour that still would have been 3 times for pix. Just too long otherwise... And it was fast and easy to do this because I didn't have to worry about making sure it stamped well or in a specific place...the messier, the better !

  8. You truly are a queen of stamping. so good.


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