Friday, January 11, 2013

Digit-al Dozen: Art, Day 4

Day 4...almost there!

Here's the mani I came up with using Andy Warhol's pop art silk screens of Marilyn Monroe as inspiration.


Started with a skittles of colours, all two coats and topped with SV, starting at thumb and going clockwise:  Essie Where's My Chauffeur, Nails Inc. Portobello, Nicole By OPI A Like-Haley Story, Zoya Yummy and Nicole by OPI Love Song.


Stamped using plate Fun 1 using Konad black, red and yellow special polish, as well as Fun stamping polish in Cotton Candy, Bubble Blue, Lavender, and Avocado Green.


Topped with SV.


Here's a couple pix of the stampings in progress.  This is before scraping the middle image.


This is after scraping the pinky image.


This is the pix for my inspiration, to be honest, I'm not sure if it's a Warhol original or not either...but it was one of the coolest pix I seen so used it to go on!

Thanks for looking.....and here's the other ladies mani's from Day 4!


  1. Amazing! I've never ever successfully stamped in more than one color!

  2. wow that's very arty! I love it.

  3. OK-need you to tell me which way you scrape to not mess up the colors when you multi stamp-do you do top to bottom, left to right what? I have yet to try this and I AM going to this weekend-this is freakin awesome! I will await your reply with baited breath-heheheh

  4. Very impressive! I'm with Fingers--I don't get how you scraped those. The only time I tried more than one color, I put one down, scraped, then put the other down and scraped.

  5. This is so cool. You always amaze me at how you have multi-colour stamped images!

  6. Fingers and KarenD: Depending on the stamp and how the drag is, you just blob it onto the image; if there's good drag, you don't necessarily cover the entire image as it will fill in the colour when scraped; if the drag isn't too good then do the entire thing and then just scrap in the direction where there will be least amount of colour this case, I scraped down as the hair part had the most polish and the most chance of intermingling. I usually do a couple tests just to see how much polish I have to use to see how the image drags and then hope for the best! Not sure if this helps or not...!

  7. La manicura es genial. Pero es que la placa me ha fascinado, y de varios colores queda impresionante. Te felicito por tu blog, es muy bonito y me hago seguidora fiel desde ya. Te dejo mi blog en el que me haría mucha ilusión te pasaras a dar una vuelta. Besos, bye

  8. WOW marvelous! it would be awesome if you can do a step-by-step of your stamping amazing style or a video!


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