Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Digit-al Dozen Does NEW & Improved; Day 2

I thought I'd do tribute nails to David Bowie as a result of the sad news of his passing.  To make it Digit-al Dozen appropriate for this weeks challenge, I did a new to me technique which is using the saran wrap method for the base.

Started with a base of skittles; CND Green Scene, Nicole by OPI Hit the Lights and Misslyn Head Over Heels. The green is one coat, the rest are two, shown with no top coat.  I let the base dry for some time as the tutorial I watched for the saran wrap method indicated you need a very dry base.  So I waited around half an hour before proceeding to the next step.  I used this time to work on decals I was making for the mani.

Once the base polish is dry, you apply another coat fully on top of the base. 

While the polish is still wet, bunching a wad of saran wrap, you press down on the polish to create this abstract smushed looking design.  Well, this is what I got anyway.  Maybe my technique is wrong lol.  I did each finger individually just mixing up the three colours.

Here's the saran used.  I think this is the most saran I've used in the last year!  I'm not a regular user of it but keep it on hand for the odd time I need it. 

Added coat of Girly Bits What A Rush QD TC to before stamping.

Stamper decal from an image on MoYou Roxy Collection-09.  Outline is Funky Fingers Dark Knight and acrylic paints to fill.  

Applied stamper decal to thumb.  Used assortment of images from same MoYou Roxy-09 plate for rest of the fingers.  Stamping polish is Funky Fingers Dark Knight and MdU 11 on pinky.  Lower lettering on ring finger is Handy 57 using the clean jelly stamper for placement.

Added a coat of Girly Bits What A Rush QD TC to finish.  It's times like this that I wish I had a light box so that the glare would be less but this will have to do for now!

I pretty much sang Major Tom to myself the whole time I was doing these nails and have caught myself either singing it or humming it many time over the last 30 hours or so since I heard the news.  I'm saddened that we have lost a music legend and it saddens me to think that more of this will happen over the next few years as more and more icons and legends reach their upper years.  Man, makes me feel old too which is sad.

RIP, Mr. Bowie.

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  1. I've been like that since I heard about it. I've been trying to do a Bowie inspired mani and can't concentrate enough to do it, nothing seems good enough. Yours is truly beautiful!

  2. Your saran wrap base looks amazing! As does the rest of your Bowie tribute!

  3. These look incredible!! What a lovely tribute!

  4. This looks amazing I love the pop art effect on your thumb as well xx


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