Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Emily de Molly EDM06 over Jade OMG, Sands!

I did this mani recently on a night when I wanted to change my polish but didn't have a whole lot of time to do my nails (aka most nights!).  Sometimes the simplest nails can be the most effective and I think this is one of them; here's what I came up with!

Started with a base of one....yes, one! coat of Jade Special Glitz Sand's Collection OMG, Sands!, no top coat. The formula was very thick but had good coverage.  I'm not sure if the thickness of the polish is normal or my bottle needed some thinner but even though it was thick, I was able to apply it decently! 


Stamped using Emily De Molly EDM06** using Funky Fingers Dark Knight.  I love this image; I've worn it twice in a very short time!  That says a lot when you have as many plates as I do but I find that it is quite versatile and is a great image for when you want the added interest of a stamped image but still want the beauty of the base to shine through!  As you can see, even though the lines on this image are very fine, the etching is clear and crisp.  The quality on this plate is excellent; cleaning of the plate was easy as there were no rough edges that catch the cotton nor was there any issue with the scraper catching the image during the scrape.

Emily de Molly EDM06

Didn't apply top coat as this is a texture polish even though in first pix, I'm holding a top coat bottle.  That was because it was hard to photograph holding the Jade bottle.  Even though this polish is textured, removal wasn't that hard.  It wasn't as easy to remove as a creme but not as difficult as a glitter; not too bad anyway even thought it might look really rough! I had more of an issue with all the glitter flecks being everywhere after removal; I'm sure a couple of them made their way into the mani I wore after this one!

Emily de Molly stamping plates and vinyls can be purchased via their store here with shipping from Australia. There is also a US Emily de Molly estore here that also ships plates and polishes to US and Canada.  Emily de Molly products are also available via these stocklists with many offering international shipping!

Thanks for looking!

**item provided for review; please refer to disclosure policy


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