Monday, July 23, 2018

Cuter Cuticles IEC 2018 Exclusive Trio

press sample

Lemon is one of my favourite scents; it's so refreshing and pure!  Not too overpowering either which is something I like when I'm looking (or sniffing!) for a scent!  You wouldn't believe how excited I was when I heard that Cuter Cuticles Indie Expo Canada 2018 exclusive trio was lemon scented butter barrier, lip balm and cuticle oil!  While I received the trio to review, I also picked up a back up set...good thing I did as my daughter promptly claimed a lip gloss while at the expo!  All this lemon scents deserved a coordinating mani; hopefully you enjoy it!  

The cute yellow organza packaging that the trio came in! You know, yellow....cause of lemons!  It's nice to see Sammy goes all matchy-matchy like I do!

The goods!

Cuter Cuticles butter barrier in Lemon Cupcake!  For those who have purchased Cuter Cuticles products before, you will know that this scent has been offered in past; in fact, it was one of the first scents ever released! I checked back to my purchases and had picked it up back in 2016.  One of my faves!

Are you like me: having cuticle products in your purse, in your car, at the night stand, at your office desk, at the end table where you watch tv, in the bathroom at your weekend spot?  Cuter Cuticles has been a cuticle saver for me; you only need to look at my blog posts prior to 2015ish to see that I have way less hangnails than I did since I started to add the barrier butter as part of my regular routine!  Don't get me wrong; I still get the occasional one but that's just because I've been too busy with life to apply it on a regular basis. That's when I turn to oil for some heavy duty moisturizing!   This picture is a little misleading; it's not that this is a super size of the barrier butter; it's the regular's just I have small hands!

The packaging is a convenient size; not so big that it takes up a lot of room in your purse, on the desk, or on the shelf, but big enough that it's not too hard to find in your purse, on the desk or on the shelf!

Here's my naked nails soaking up the butter barrier!  Cuter Cuticle products are listed on the estore; the Lemon Cupcake scent is currently being offered here but even if it's not and you are craving it, you can always ask for it to be made in a custom order!

In addition to butter barrier, Cuter Cuticles also has a wide assortment of yummy scented cuticle oils.  

How great is the steel balled applicator?  I've tried a lot of different oils but to me, the application is just so much easier with the ball type of applicator!  While I'm a big fan of the butter barriers, I turn to the cuticle oils at night or when needed (like when I've been neglecting my nails) for extra moisturizing.

The Lemon Cupcake lip gloss was an IEC exclusive, but Cuter Cuticles has a wide assortment of lip balms in playful scents!  

As I mentioned earlier in the post, my daughter had attended IEC with me and she quickly claimed the Cuter Cuticles Lemon Cupcake lip gloss; this was the last I seen of it!  The one I'm holding above was in the second bundle I bought!

Here's the coordinating mani....with my nails soaking up the butter barrier.  If you've never used Cuter Cuticles products, you will see that they look 'oily' right after application, but it soaks right in I want to say within five minutes or so and lessens down to a moisturized look versus that glare that you see here.  It's not like you can't touch anything for 3 hours because your hands feel greasy; not the case by any means! I would normally wait if I had applied it to my nails before taking a pix for swatching purposes, but because this post is a product review, wanted everyone to see the moisturizing in action!

Here you can see it has already absorbed better within a few minutes of the photo shoot!

Cuter Cuticles was established in 2014 and is owned and operated by Sammy, a long time nail art fan and polish lover.  Based in Oshawa, Ontario Canada, Cuter Cuticles ships worldwide; see the Cuter Cuticles estore for more information!

Thanks for looking!

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