Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Those Who Can't Water Marble, Stamp!

I love the look of water marbled nails; I see the awesome water marbling and have bought all the polishes that are suppose to yield good results, I've tried tap water same temperature as polishes, distilled water same room temperatures as polishes and watched countless youtube videos but still can't seem to grasp it!  My very first attempt was somewhat successful and every attempt after wards has been a fail.  I do hope to one day sit down and see if I can get better results but in the meanwhile, I thought these stamped nails imitating water marbling turned out pretty darn good if I don't say so myself!   I'll stick to stamping until I can water marble better! Here's what I came up with!

Started with two coats of Fiendish Fancies The White F.17-03, no top coat.  As soon as I seen this at Indie Expo Canada I said to Laura, the owner of Fiendish Fancies, that this will be the perfect base for nail art and it was one of my very first mani's after IEC 2018! All nails have the same number of coats and as you can see in the middle and ring, they are opaque but I'm surmising the way the light hit the index and pinky, they don't seem as opaque.  What I love about this polish is the hint of white shimmer and the silver holo glitter that combined with the sheer consistency of it make it so pretty!  It's too bad my pictures don't pick it up better.  

Topped with KBShimmer Clearly on Top before stamping.

Did a stamped gradient using Moyra SP 19, MoYou Pink! and Moyra SP 01 with an image from Kelly Negri KN17.  I was happy that all three colours gradiented well even on my shorties!  This is why I still do my nails even though they are short!

Topped with KBShimmer Clearly on Top to finish.

Hopefully soon you'll see some successful water marbling mani's, in the meanwhile, I will stamp on!

Thanks for looking!


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