Sunday, March 15, 2020

Kiss Me, I'm Irish!

If this mani looks familiar, it's because it was a mani that evolved over several days, with some parts staying constant, that I shared the finished look here!  That and the fact that I loved Pahlish Four Leaf Clover so much, I didn't want to take it off!  But I did wear it in different phases for a few days before how it ended up and this post will share a couple of those looks including this one!

Started with a base of Pahlish Four Leaf Clover on the index, middle and pinky.  The ring is a sponged gradient of KBShimmer In Yacht Water and Girly Bits It's Near Leaf Fall.  Thumb is a fluid art decal that was applied, polishes unknown.

Stamped all the Pahlish nails with Lina All Mixed Up! 01 using MdU 30, thumb is UberChic mini:  St. Patrick's Day with the shamrocks from the same Lina plate; the middle nail is a stamper decal made from Messy Mansion MM04.  Ring finger is MM04 with the rainbow being CjS H-14 using Mdu 39, 68, 11, 107, 9 and 60.

However, when I went to top coat the middle nail, the stamper decal pretty much disintegrated so as not to abandon the entire mani, I did a fresh coat of the Palish and stamped it with the clovers on the rest of the nails, then topped with KBShimmer Clearly on Top.  I wore this for a couple days.

But after a couple days, I thought the thumb nail didn't seem to go that well with the rest of the nails, so removed the fluid art decal and put on Pahlish Four Leaf Clover on it as well, then stamped it with the same shamrock images and again, wore it for a couple days.  I didn't mind how it looks here but just preferred it with the Pahlish base on all four nails with the pot of gold accent nail!

Thanks for looking and hope you're having a great weekend!  And wash your hands often!


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