Friday, February 11, 2011

Are You Tired of VDay Mani's Yet...

I'm not! !!

I'm one of those super holiday house is decorated for every holiday...I got the heart tablecloth on my dining room table, with hearts stones in the centrepiece that has floating heart candles, little hearts hanging from my lighted tree in the corner, Valentine's window decals on every window...I even send my kids sandwiches to school in those Valentine's sandwich bags from the dollar store (I'm sure my 15 year old DS just looooveees that, LOL)!!

OPI's Texas Collection was just released in my area so I picked up three of them. They aren't super unique colours to me, but I don't have many jellies; decided to use OPI Too Hot Pink to Hold 'Em.

I applied over a quick coat of Bride's Bouquet for two reasons-one, I don't like visible nail line and two, to brighten it up a bit. Unfortunately as I only did two coats, you can see a bit of the white on the tips.

This was applied at around 1 am two nights ago. I had decided to try another quick dry topcoat as I was tired of the shrinkage from SV. I actually didn't have any shrinkage, but even though I went to bed an hour after I did my nails, I woke up with sheet marks on my mani...Urgggg. So I had to cover it somehow, so last night, topped it off with a coat of Nicole by OPI Spark My Mistletoe.

Then added a black french tip, freehand with one of those pens you can pick up at Walmart (I've only did this once before, you can tell!) As uneven as this is, I know it would be wayyyy better than my french tip stamping!

And lastly stamped with Konad black special polish using IP BM02.

Here's mani after stamping without topcoat....which is why I like to topcoat it...see, the black stamp below doesn't 'pop' like the pix above!

In all honesty, I took the pix before applying SV as it has the tendency to drag and I wanted to have a decent pix if by chance it did it...

I went back to the SV topcoat (cause I didn't want sheet marks again!!). I'm still going to experiment with topcoats and see if something works better for me as the SV shrinkage is so frustrating ...

So another Valentine's Day Manicure...and red at that!

Thanks for looking and have a great weekend!


  1. OMG! I can't believe I swapped on MUA with you and NEVER FOUND your blog. These are awesome swatches and designs. I love them! So glad I found you.

  2. Lacquer: Its a small world eh? Thx for finding me and hopefully we can swap again...I'm following you now too!

  3. Very nice mani.

    i am have the same issues as you do with SV topcoat and shrinkage. Love the SV, hate the shrinkage, but hate the bedsheet prints more. Still haven't found or looked very hard for another topcoat that will produce what SV does.
    PS. My last mani was inspired from you. (never meant to but when picking out colors red and black french tips were on the brain)

  4. Hey It really looks nice !
    Xx. S


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