Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My 'Fuggen Ugly' Valentine's Mani

This is Manglaze Fuggen Ugly converted into yet another Valentine's manicure in my quest to stay away from the more traditional pinks and reds for all my Valentine's Day mani's....but I'm sure a pink or red will squeak in over the next few days!

Stamped using Sally Hansen Black Pearl Chrome and Tourmaline Chrome using fauxnad IP T22 and Konad M80. I guess I'm used to stamping right away with manis topcoated with SV cause when I stamped this, it wrinkled my middle finger a bit plus my french tip stamping skills went AWOL...no worries tho as its just a good reason to change my mani tonight!!

This gray matte was chosen as my mani colour as I really wanted to use more of my Sally Hansen chrome polishes after using Royal Purple Chrome in my last mani. I wanted a colour that would look cool with Black Pearl (which isn't really black but gray) and Tourmaline Chrome (which is the closest I have to a red chrome), as these old chrome polishes are great for stamping!

Here's mani with SV...

Here's the mani turned upside down so you can see the stamping a little better....

And Fuggen Ugly all by itself...I actually thought this polish applied better then the OPI matte, but maybe I was more careful applying it cause I knew mattes are so unforgiving!

Manglaze unfortunately isn't availabe in Canada (at least no place I've been in) but I was fortunte enough to swap for it. I'd love to swap for the other Manglaze mattes if anyone is interested!!

Thanks for looking!


  1. This looks awesome! Luckily Marc ships Manglaze to Canada so us Canadian's can order it from the website. :)

    I really like how the matte looks like candy foil pressed onto your nails.

  2. Thanks Skulda, I didn't know that! Do you have link? TIA!

  3. This is definitely my favorite of the valentine's day manicures I've seen! So pretty and different.

  4. FABULOUS and so UN-fuggen ugly! <3 I LOVE those old sally Hansen Chromes. I don't have either of those SH Chromes ones in my stash but I have about five others!


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