Monday, February 28, 2011

This is Out of My Comfort Zone!

Borghese was on sale at Shoppers Drug Mart (well, a sale is $9.99 versus $13.99 regular price; even the sale price is still on the expensive side)...this is Palermo Plum C.

A little dark/vampy for least my interpretation of dark/!

And of course had to stamp it! Used IP XL B, with China Glaze Emotion.

I've decided to do some experiementing with different topcoats/variations of how to use SV in my efforts to find something that will stop the dreaded SV shrinkage so I tried a non QD topcoat on top of my stamped image on my thumb before SV but it streaked the stamp as you may be able to see above.

I'd rather have a little shrinkage than a streaky stamped I'm going to start experimenting until I find something that works for stamping and doesn't shrink...and provide the great shine and quick dry of SV!!!

Thx for looking!


  1. I'm trying China Glaze Fast Dry topcoat, and probably Orly Sec n Dry. The China Glaze smells..but not terribly and it dries just as fast as we'll see if it causes shrinkage

  2. It's a great color on you, and I love the stamping!


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