Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Not Pink, Purple or Red Mani

Last night, I was trying to pick a colour and for some odd reason, my eye kept on gravitating towards pinks, purples and reds...all of which I've worn plenty over the past two weeks so really didn't want to do another. So when Icing Roger That caught my eye, I knew it was going to be today's mani.

This is more green then blue, but unfortunately, the colour wasn't captured accurately with my camera. I had bought this Icing polish after discovering that there are a couple of Icing by Claire's stores in my general area so went to the one closest to me over the summer. (I was really looking for Icing Black Out-I got it too, but its still untried).

This polish was on sale for $2.87 when I picked it up. I don't have anything like it in my stash so was glad I did.

Stamped using Beautiful Scratchers special polish in white using IP XL E, then dotted with a yellow polish pen.

These flowers are probably wishful thinking that spring is right around the corner...but I sure hope so...I've had enough of winter (but I'm sure we will have at least one more winter blast!)

Roger That by itself...

Thanks for looking!


  1. i love that the white flowers have yellow centers

  2. I love this mani. Now, it's raining here in Barcelona... I miss spring!

  3. i was trying to do a bizarre manicure the other night and too kept looking at my pinks and reds >.< ..until i saw my yellow varnish!..i need a break from Red/Pink too =-/!

    But omg hunny i love this!..i didn't get XL E typically im now regretting my choices!...the polish looks gorg on you!! it reminds me of China Glazes Green Watermelon Rind Nail Varnish



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